Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Call Center

As a college student I know I can always use money for textbooks, trips into the city, food and clothes. As a result, I, like many students, have a job on campus. I work at The Ram Line, Fordham’s Phonathon (more commonly known as the Call Center).

the call center 
Working at the Ram Line is an amazing job for students because the flexible hours allow students to work around their academic and personal schedules. This is extremely important as a student because of all of the responsibilities we have. (On a side note, it is one of the highest paying jobs on campus!!) 

leader boards 
student callers
What exactly do we do at the Ram Line? We call alumni, parents, and friends of the University to foster positive relationships while raising money for scholarships, on-campus activities, clubs and organizations. When I make a call I always form rapport with the person I am speaking to and then work to get the person to commit to a donation directly through credit card or by means of a pledge card (a postcard we send out in the mail with a specified amount that the donor sends back in the form of a check).

Supervisor Joey running a game of Jeopardy
The supervisors at the Ram Line are extremely encouraging and want to do everything they can to encourage callers to work their hardest and raise money. Supervisors offer beneficial coaching that allows callers to improve their communication skills.While we are making calls, supervisors run games as incentives to raise more money. For each pledge or credit card donation we receive our team gets to answer a question in a game of Jeopardy or guess a response in a round of Family Feud. At the end of the shift, the winning team receives a prize.  

Working at the call center is an exciting job because I love talking to people and sharing my passion for Fordham with others. When I speak to alumni I always tell them about the new things happening on campus and encourage them to come back to visit.  Since I have started at the Call Center, my public speaking skills have greatly improved because I am constantly talking to new people.

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