Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Update

Marisa Diaz
This past weekend, I went pumpkin and apple picking at Wilken’s Fruit and Fir Farm in Yorktown Heights, NY. After finding the perfect pumpkin and picking a peck of apples, my family and I waited on line for an hour just to get a dozen of the delicious fresh baked cider donuts. It definitely got me ready for the fall season!
A beautiful day for pumpkin picking

Abby Collins
Visiting the Central Perk replica in SoHo
This weekend I traveled down to SoHo with a couple of my friends from Fordham. Getting to downtown Manhattan from Fordham’s Rose Hill campus is incredibly easy! We took the Metro North down to Grand Central and then took the subway the rest of the way. We went to go see the replica of Central Perk that sprung up recently in honor of the 20th anniversary of the first episode of “Friends”! The line was about two hours long but it was worth it in the end to see the iconic yellow couch that was in almost every episode of the show! After wrapping up in Central Perk, we strolled around the streets of SoHo until we came across a large Italian festival that was going on, in honor of San Gennaro. The festival went on for about fifteen blocks, all of which were full of celebration. There was enough food, music, and liveliness to brighten my whole weekend!

Nicole Cruz
On Sunday, Fordham hosted its annual Senior Open House.  Thousands of prospective students and their families attended various events throughout the day to learn more about Fordham.  As part of the Rose Hill Society, I helped in getting the families where they needed to be and showing them around campus.  We had a lot of fun!
Future Fordham Rams

Go Rams!

Nicole Chiuchiolo
Fordham was bustling with activity this weekend! There was so much going on. On Friday night my friends and I had a blast at Ram Town. Ram Town is the kickoff to the basketball season where they introduce players and give out free food and prizes! On Saturday I attended the Theatrical Outreach Program’s production of “Our Town” in Collins Auditorium. Not only was it an amazing student produced and student directed show, it was also free! On Sunday I had a blast at Senior Open House! I was able to give tours, interact with prospective students, and hang out with the Fordham Ram!

On the Court at RamTown

RamTown atmosphere
One of the biggest nights of the year on campus was pretty special for me. Ram Town is similar to a midnight madness event. It is the opening night of the Men’s and Women’s basketball seasons. Held in the Rose Hill Gym, home of the two teams, Ram Town is a night of free food, prizes, and contests to get students excited about the upcoming basketball seasons. As a member of the Fordham Dance Team, I got to actually participate in the planning and executing of the event, which most students do not get to experience.

The Fordham Dance Team at the start of RamTown.

The night started off with the women’s basketball team making their introduction onto the court. As last year’s A10 champions, they unveiled two new banners in the gym in honor of their success. As a part of the dance team’s responsibilities, we got to stand on the court and cheer with the team as the banners were released. When men’s basketball made their entrance about half way through, I got to stand right next to the basket as they showed off their own dunking skills.
The two new banners for the Women's team.
The Men's Basketball team entrance.
The highlight of my night, as a dance team member, was being a part of the annual dance off. It was Men’s Basketball and the Dance Team vs. Women’s Basketball and the Cheerleaders. The Women’s team went first with a mix of Flawless, This is How We Do It, and Anaconda. We followed up with a mix of Soulja Boy, Jerk, Teach Me How to Dougie, and OG Bobby Johnson. While it was unclear who the winner was, I’m pretty sure we won the crowd’s vote! Whether you’re a part of the action or not, Ram Town is an event you definitely don’t want to miss on campus!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Inside 30 Rock: Live Tapings at Rockefeller Center

One of the great parts about going to school so close to New York City is being able to take advantage of all of the incredible things that take place here like the amazing shows that are taped at Rockefeller Center, as in the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Saturday Night Live.  Rockefeller Center is in Midtown and only a short walk from Grand Central, which only takes 20 minutes to get to from the Rose Hill campus. 

A friend and I were recently able to go to a live taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers!  Shows usually offer free tickets for tapings around the beginning of each month that you can reserve online.  Below is the link for ticket information:    

On the day of the taping we picked them up about an hour before it started at the NBC Experience store. Then, we stood in line for about 30 minutes and were ushered up to Studio 8G where the show is taped.  To get to the stage, we had to walk through the SNL hallway, and it was filled with pictures from the show.  Also, on our way to the stage, we got to see Studio 8H, the stage where SNL is performed.  (Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to share because cameras and phones are prohibited in the building.) 

Waiting in line before the taping!

My friend and I were seated in the front row for the taping! It was so cool to see all of the behind the scenes people, cameras, and lights that goes into making the show.  Seth Meyers was great and so were comedians, Sarah Silverman and John Mulaney, who were the guests for that episode.  They were all very funny and it was amazing to see them in person.

It was a great experience to go inside such an iconic New York City building and see everything up close that I’ve see on TV.  It was also a student-friendly outing because it was free and easy to get to from Fordham.  Just another example of the countless activates that Fordham students can take advantage of in New York City!   

Saturday, October 18, 2014


One of the coolest things about going to school at Fordham is the amount of school spirit we have on campus. Despite the fact that we are a medium sized school in the middle of a big city, Fordham is Division I for all of its varsity athletic teams, and students love supporting their fellow Rams at games and spirit events!

The gorgeous Rose Hill Gym is crowded with Rams! RAMTOWN2014!

Last night was a prime example of this: one of the biggest events of the fall semester is Ram Town, which kicks off the men’s and women’s basketball seasons. Think high school pep rally, but bigger and better! Students decked out in Fordham maroon pack the stands of the Rose Hill Gym, and have a great time cheering on their classmates.  There are also tons of games and competitions for fans to compete in, including a karaoke contest, relay races, shoot-outs, and dance-offs (Rams have some sick moves, fun fact!). In addition free tshirts for every person at the door, students are eligible for exciting prizes and giveaways, like iPads, TVs, and textbooks for a semester; this year one student won a free vacation in a free throw shooting contest!

Exciting athletics, crazy contests, and awesome prizes aside, fans attending Ram Town are also provided with an absurd amount of delicious, delicious food from Arthur Avenue (the Little Italy of the Bronx, which is right next door to Rose Hill’s campus), including pizza, pasta, wings, and desserts.  

Wasn't kidding about the free food - my friend Matt stocked up on
mozzarella sticks, wings - oh, and an entire box of pizza? Don't worry, he shared!

Ram Town is a great way to get pumped for the upcoming season, and a fantastic time is had by all in attendance! Go Rams!

Our mascot, the Fordham Ram!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Conquering Midterms-the Fordham Way

Amidst the fun times that college brings comes the stress around the middle of the semester known as midterm exams. Although the stress can sometimes seem unbearable to most students, Fordham's academic departments offer resources that have given me relief during this hectic time of year. With Fordham already being a medium-sized school, it is not difficult to seek help from your professors personally in preparation for midterms, but I have also discovered many of the other ways Fordham has come first in preparing and assisting its students for exams. From various practical study locations on campus to specific programs that each academic department has to offer, Fordham always has something to offer to a student who is desiring to succeed in their academics.

As an Engineering Physics major, I oftentimes find myself struggling to balance the workload from my liberal arts core classes on top of my major science courses. Luckily, many of the departments located on campus provide peer tutoring and group study sessions--unconventional ways of studying for tough exams. For example, the Physics department offers a “Physics Club room” in which students and professors gather in one place to assist others in tests, homework, or whatever it is they need help on. I find this to be a comfortable place to study, if going one-on-one with your professors becomes a bit intimidating. Plus, it is a great environment to collaborate with your peers in studying for exams that you might have together. Other departments like the Mathematics and Chemistry departments offer similar tutoring style rooms open for peer tutoring in preparation for exams. Sometimes, being able to talk about your exams with your peers in this situation already helps in relieving the stress that midterms bring, so I am definitely grateful for discovering that part of Fordham and highly encourage others to take advantage of it as well!

The Physics "Club Room" in Freeman Hall where students can study together and receive tutoring.
Another helpful tool that many Fordham students use, especially around the impounding swarm of midterm papers, is the English department’s writing center. For a paper to get better, it sometimes requires another pair of eyes to look over, and the writing center allows students to bring in papers ranging from Theology to English Composition and lets another graduate student take a look at some problem areas in the paper and to spend one-on-one time discussing the areas where a paper can get stronger. It is also really easy to sign up for an appointment online, and you can even request tutors that you felt really helped you in the revision process if they did!
A flyer for the Writing Center showing its accessible hours and creative ways to get students to seek help!
These are just some of the resources that I have utilized during stressful times like midterms and finals. The most fulfilling aspect lies in the fact that no matter what your major may be, Fordham will always have a place that will cater to your academic needs. Best of luck to everyone taking their midterms!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Arthur Ave.

Dinner at Zero Otto Nove
Just beyond the gates of Fordham is a wonderful place called Arthur Ave.  Arthur Ave. has an endless amount of restaurants, bakeries, grocery and retail stores, along with off-campus student housing.  It is because of the various shops and eateries that Arthur Ave. serves as one of the largest off-campus social hub for Fordham students. 

Caesar Salad & Margherita Pizza at Michaelangelos

Arthur Ave. is known as the original Little Italy.  Lining the blocks are numerous authentic Italian restaurants with recipes that have been passed down for generations.  Two of my favorites are Michaelangelo’s and Zero Otto Nove.  When my family comes to visit, we usually choose one of these two places to catch up and have a fantastic meal.  Although Arthur Ave. is known to be mainly Italian, there are plenty of other options that are just as good!  Some of these include Estrellita’s, a Mexican restaurant, Umai Fusion, a great place to go if you’re in the mood for sushi, Full Moon Pizzeria, and Simon’s Deli.  Another great thing is that most of these places deliver to the residence halls on campus!  

Although Fordham has many eating options on campus, sometimes it is nice to branch out and try new things.  Arthur Ave. is the perfect place for Fordham students to do that!  It is relatively inexpensive and has a ton of variety. 
Me and some friends at Michaelangelo's

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mid-Week Breather

Wednesday is a light day academically for most Fordham students. Many of my friends and I don't have classes on Wednesdays, which is really nice because we get to enjoy a day off in the middle of our busy week!

This morning, my friend Eric and I hopped on the Fordham Ram Van to head down to Lincoln Center for Brunch. The brunch opportunities in NYC are endless, but we chose to go to Sarabeths! Sarabeth is known for her famous jams, but her brunches are just as delicious. The restaurant has an outdoor patio that looks out on Central Park, so we got to enjoy the lovely weather and some people watching.

Crab Cake Eggs Benedict! 
There are so many sights to see around and in Central Park. You can almost count on being able to see street performers. Today, we got to see a great hip-hop group perform on our walk back to the Lincoln Center campus.

With midterms approaching, Eric and I both decided to keep our visit to the city shorter than usual, so we made our way back to Rose Hill. I will be spending the rest of my day studying for my Theology midterm tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend Update

Beautiful decor in Ed's Chowder House
Caroline McCue

This weekend I made time to meet my grandparents in the city and meet them for lunch in Lincoln Center!  One of the best parts of Fordham is its proximity to Manhattan!  I hadn't seen my grandparents since Easter, so it was awesome to reunite with them!  We went to a great restaurant about 5 minutes away from the Lincoln Center campus called Ed's Chowder House.  It is on top of the Empire Hotel and is absolutely gorgeous!  Here, I had their signature clam chowder and a side Caesar salad.  Seafood always reminds me of my home of Massachusetts, so it was awesome to be able to catch up with them and have a taste of home at the same time.

A lovely night spent in Bryant Park
Allison Misciagno-Bergin

This weekend, it was my friend's birthday and we all went into the city for sushi. It was a nice break from the hectic pace of classes and internships before midterms began. We ended up getting some Ben and Jerry's and sitting in Bryant Park talking for a few hours. It was truly a beautiful sight with amazing friends. It's crazy to that that this park is only 20 minutes away by train from the comfort of my dorm room.

Looking forward to our production of Spamalot
Cerisse Gabion

This weekend was a theatrical one for me. I was recently cast in the ensemble for The Mimes and Mummer's production of Spamalot and we just had our first rehearsal and read-through on Saturday. It was an absolutely hilarious and fun-filled time and I am looking forward to working with my talented cast-mates to put on a great show in November! After that, I attended a Verbal Essences show, one of Fordham Experimental Theatre's umbrella clubs that focuses on Spoken Word performances. To have been in such an intimate environment like the Blackbox Theatre in Collins Hall and being able to listen to some of my peers pour out their emotions in beautiful poetry was a great way to end my Saturday.

Shannon Donovan
Great food, great location

This weekend I went home to spend Columbus Day with my family.  We went out to breakfast at the Irish Coffee Shop on McLean Avenue in Yonkers.  It was great to catch up with them and enjoy a delicious meal.  Just 10 minutes away from Fordham, this is one of the endless food options to explore here!

Caroline Dunn
Enjoyed a great meal and even better company at Dig Inn

I took advantage of Monday’s holiday and went home to Philadelphia for the weekend. I returned to NYC Monday afternoon just in time to meet up with my sister for lunch. She lives on the Upper East Side but works in finance about five blocks away from Grand Central. We tried a new restaurant called, Dig Inn Seasonal Market. Dig Inn is designed in a similar layout to Chipotle in which customers choose the individual components of their meal. The restaurant offers farmer-to-table options that are locally grown and serviced in house. Customers have the option of choosing which proteins they would like served on either a green, like arugula, or a grain, like brown rice. Meals also include a choice or two or three hot or cold sides. Dig Inn’s sides change seasonally, featuring spaghetti squash and pumpkin quinoa for the fall. With most meals costing just $10, Dig Inn is a quick, affordable and healthy spot to grab lunch while in the Grand Central area or near their eight other Manhattan locations.