Friday, May 1, 2015

A Weekend Trip to Fire Island

This past weekend, I had to make the difficult decision of either staying for the much anticipated spring weekend, or going to my annual family reunion on Fire Island.  Although it was tough to choose, I decided to go with my family and catch to with all of my relatives whom I rarely see.  Fire island is extremely unique as there are no cars allowed- everyone bikes and walks.  It is a small, beachy community off the coast of Long Island, and the only way to get there is via ferry.  It was so great to spend quality time with my aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and grandparents.  Although it was a bit chilly, we spent our days biking into town, taking walks along the ocean, playing games and enjoying delicious food.  Below are a couple pictures from my relaxing weekend!
We woke up at 5:45 to watch the sunrise!

Me with my little cousin, Fiona!
Blog by: Caroline McCue

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rose Hill Ramily

When I start my tours, I begin with the classic tagline: "Hi my name is ____. I'm from ____. My major is ____." However, I have something unique to add to the end of that introduction: I'm the third of four family members to have attended Fordham.

My dad attended law school at Fordham Lincoln Center. Owing to this connection and his childhood in the Bronx, my brother, sister, and I grew up knowing of and visiting Fordham Rose Hill. Our grade school basketball teams frequented half-time shows during the team's season and the Keating image was a well-known one in our household.

The day of my brother's graduation.
When my brother first decided to attend, I thought "No way will I do that. Who wants to go to school with their sibling?" I was looking for a new independent niche and didn't think I could figure that out at a school my brother attended. Clearly, I caved to this ridiculous presumption. Two years later, following suit, my sister faced the same challenge and ultimately chose Rose Hill as well.

To most of you that probably sounds like a lot of family, and trust me it has been! But it has been one of the greatest blessings in my experience at Fordham. From day one, we've know the in's and out's of departments like Gabelli and the Law School as well as the awesome reunions Homecoming and Jubilee bring. We can give you directions to the Ram Van or to Arthur Ave with a specific recommendation for exactly the kind of Italian cuisine you're looking for.

My sister and I on her first day of orientation.
More than anything else though, my favorite part of having family at Fordham is how it has grown. What began as my parents, my brother, my sister, and I now includes our roommates and friends. Some of my friends are my sister's and likewise for me. When I was a freshman, it was my brother's crew who showed me the ropes and kept an eye out for me. Over the years, our family has expanded so that my college community does not just stay in the Bronx: it comes back home with me too. Wherever I am, I'm followed by the spirit of Fordham University and the love of relationships I've made and fostered there.

Even though my experience has certainly been unique, it's one of the many examples of how Fordham fosters family. Families aren't always the one you're born into, but they're the ones you carry with you throughout and following college. As a senior, it's one of the many things that I will miss the most. I am so incredibly lucky to have both built and maintained my family here. I recommend it to anyone who's looking to do the same. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Major Spotlight: Communication and Media Studies

I was the kind of student who came in undecided Freshman year and had absolutely no clue what I wanted to major in, and this is completely fine! Choosing a major can be an extremely stressful decision, which is why I want to share some of the amazing perks of the major that I decided on two years ago and have not regretted since: Communications and Media Studies! 

I didn't fall in love with Communications until I took an introductory class in it Freshman year.  I soon realized that I was fascinated and could definitely see myself creating a career for myself in this field in my future.  I was particularly drawn in by the fact that this major could take me in so many directions, I was not limited to one specific job. 

As a Communications major you will need to pick a concentration, in other words a specific area of study.  There are five different concentrations to choose from: 1) Film 2) Journalism 3)Media, Culture, and Society 4) New Media/Participatory Media and 5) Television/Radio.  

There are some core classes that are the same for all concentrations.  Before moving on in your chosen focus you will need to take two introductory courses, which are both extremely interesting and do a great job of introducing you to the field!  One of my favorite parts of the Communications major at Fordham is the fact that each concentration allows room for electives so you have the opportunity to check out classes from other focuses that you may be interested in.  

All of the professors in the department here are amazing and have an insane amount of knowledge about the field!  Another perk is that the Communications department is constantly hosting fun and interesting events with all kinds of guest speakers! 

Some of my personal favorite Communications classes that I have taken during my time at Fordham are: Communication Technologies & Society, Media Law, and Persuasion & Attitude Change.  I have absolutely loved having the opportunity to study Communications during my time here at Fordham and I cannot wait to see what awesome classes my Senior year will provide me with! 

Click here to learn more about the Communications Department here at Fordham! 
Or check them out on Facebook

A Yankees Game Adventure

I’m a huge baseball fan and have spent most of my summers at the ballpark watching a game. So when CAB was offering $10 tickets to see the Yankees take on the Red Sox over at Yankee Stadium, I was absolutely thrilled.

Yankee Stadium
My friends and I were fortunate enough to win tickets to one of the two games CAB offered to see baseball’s most legendary rivalry. It was a cold, Friday night in early April. Since it was my first time at the new Yankee Stadium, we explored the ballpark and its upgraded amenities for a while before getting some food and taking our seats in the bleachers in the outfield. All Fordham students in attendance got FREE Yankees hats as well, which was a great treat.

The game was really exciting; in fact, there was a problem with the lights in the middle of the game, causing a fifteen-minute delay while the issue got resolved, and the game even went into extra innings – twenty innings in total compared to the typical nine. Unfortunately, my friends and I opted to leave around the thirteenth inning as the night was only getting later and colder, and, since it’s only about a fifteen-minute ride on the D train back to Fordham Road, it was easy getting back to campus. The Red Sox ended up winning, so it was probably better we didn’t stick around anyway.

Our view from the bleachers!

Though I am a big fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, it was a lot of fun getting to see two of baseball’s biggest team go head-to-head in a seemingly never-ending game. I have one more year left living in the Bronx, so I hope I get to attend more Yankees games in the future.
Enjoying the game!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Weekend Update

Caroline Dunn
Brandon Stanton, founder of the wildly popular blog Humans of New York, spoke on Thursday night as part of CAB’s Spring Weekend. As Stanton stood at the front of Lombardi field house in front of a massive number of students he charmed the crowd by say, "I feel like I'm leading a pep rally right now, 'Let's go rams!"
Stanton, a former bond trader who took to photography when he lost his job, inspired students to never give up on the things they love. "It takes work," acknowledged Stanton, "but the only thing you can control is how hard you'll work."
Now Stanton's blog has over 12 million followers and his 2013 book made him  New York Times bestselling author.
Brandon Stanton

Shannon Donovan
This weekend was Spring Weekend here at Fordham, sponsored by Campus Activities Board (CAB).  On Friday night Solidisco, who just played at this year’s Ultra Music Festival, held a free concert for this year’s Spring Weekend DJ performance.  The show took place in the parking lot and it was a blast!

Marisa Diaz
This weekend, I enjoyed the Spring Weekend Concert, featuring Twenty-One Pilots. At the concert, my friends and I enjoyed the BBQ as well as Wafels and Dinges and smoothies while we watched the band perform. The weather was definitely perfect!
My friends and me hanging out at the concert
Nicole Cruz
This weekend, my friends and I took advantage of the nice weather and spent our last bit of time before finals with our fellow Rams. After the concert on Saturday, the Under the Tent Dance took place on Martyr’s Lawn. This year’s theme was The Last Illusion, and the decorations in the tent were gorgeous.
My friends and me enjoying the weather

Another Spring Weekend in the Books!

As quickly as it began, Spring Weekend 2015 has finished here at Rose Hill. This weekend was packed with endless events sponsored and planned by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). All the activities were completely free and welcome to all Fordham students!

Our seats for HONY's presentation
On Thursday, we had an inspirational talk by Brandon Stanton, the photographer and mastermind behind the infamous "Humans of New York" blog. In front of a packed gymnasium, he told Fordham students his life story, with everything from his own college experience to becoming interested in photography. It was an amazing presentation and we were blown away by his kindness. The next night, Solidisco, a DJ group, performed in from a packed crowd. Even though it was cold outside, everyone had a great time celebrating the end of the year.

Saturday was the Twenty One Pilots performance on Martyr's Lawn, right in the middle of campus. The performers were so energetic and crowd-surfed over the pit of students. Josh, the drummer, asked us to hold up his drum while he played on top of us. The lead singer also took turns being lifted up over the crowd. It was an experience that truly none of us will ever forget!

Josh, the drummer for Twenty One Pilots, "drum-surfing" through the crowd

Taking a bow after their performance
After the concert, students dressed up for the annual Under the Tent dance. This year's theme was "The Last Illusion". There was a live band, food and dancing among much else. This spring weekend was one of the best ones yet and continues to be one of the most fun and energetic events on campus!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finding Cleveland in NYC

One of the main reasons I decided to attend Fordham was because of its prime location.  Living in NYC for the past three years has been an incredible experience, and I would not trade it for anything, but that doesn't mean I don't get homesick from time to time.  Because I'm from Cleveland, Ohio, I only get the chance to go home during longer school breaks, so I've found some in things in New York that remind me of back home.  

Luckily, Fordham has a way of bringing a bit of Cleveland to me here.  Last month I attended the Cultural Affairs Raffle.  These raffles happen each month, and students have the chance to purchase discounted tickets to events around the city, usually Broadway shows or sporting events.  When I went, I had the option of getting tickets to Finding Neverland, an opera, or a Brooklyn Nets game.  I chose the basketball game because the opponent for the night of the game was the Cleveland Cavaliers! I was so excited that I would get to cheer on my team even though I was 500 miles away from the Cavaliers' home court.  

Barclays Center where the Nets play 
Great seats for only $20
I was able to bring my friend to the game, and even though the Cavs couldn't manage a win that night, we still had a great time.  Getting to the Barclays Center was a simple as walking up Fordham Road and taking the 4 Train, and on the way back we took the D train and road back to campus from the subway station in the Fordham security shuttle that waits at the station for students every night. 

Trying to enjoy being a college student in NYC while maintaining a budget may seem like a daunting task, but Fordham works to give all students the opportunities to experience the best of what the city has to offer.  Each of the tickets I got for the game had a face value of $115 (yikes!) but I only had to pay $20 for each (score!).  As a Fordham student, I am able to take full advantage of living in NYC, and even though I miss Ohio at times, I can always find ways to bring a little bit of home here. 

The Cavs warming up

Time for tip-off

LeBron James shooting free throws  

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Events at Fordham

There is never a dull moment at Fordham, and every season has its perks.  But with the spring in full bloom, campus has been especially busy.  Friday evening the Autism Speaks club held their annual Light it Up Blue event to help raise autism awareness.  It took place in O’Keefe Commons from 6pm-10pm, with food and entertainment all night.  There were live performances by The Fordham Dance Team and The Ramblers, as well as raffle prizes including gift certificates to several different local eateries.  There were hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, dessert and more.  Students were encouraged to wear blue clothes, and temporary tattoos were available at the door.  There was a great turnout!

Spring at Fordham

On Saturday Eddie’s Parade was packed all day long, with people playing different sports and just relaxing on blankets.  Relay for Life took place from 2pm-10pm, which brought an extra excitement to campus.  The walk took place around the perimeter of Eddie’s, and there were games, food, and performances all day long.  Later, Fordham’s Hellenic Society held their annual Greek Night at 7pm in the McGinley Ballroom to celebrate their culture.  The night included a dance performance by club members, catered traditional Greek food, a DJ and dance floor, raffle prizes, and drinks for those 21 and over.  All students are welcome and I will definitely be returning next year!

Eddie's was packed all weekend!

Monday, April 20, 2015


My badge, which I had to wear around
for access to many of the events!
During my sophomore year, I started working in the engineering department as a videographer, editor, & photographer at Fordham's radio station, WFUV.  This has, without a doubt, been one of my favorite parts of my time at Fordham, as I have learned a great deal and had some amazing experiences.  One of those took place this past March, when I traveled to Texas to work on FUV's video team at South by Southwest.

Each year, FUV sends members of its staff to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest (SXSW), an annual music conference/festival for emerging artists (as well as more established performers).  This year, I was lucky enough to spend my spring break as part of the team's video crew.

On two days, we worked from Hotel San Jose, filming exclusive performances with artists for our YouTube channel.  Natalie Prass, BØRNS, Seinabo Sey, Gengahr, Ibeyi, Ben Ottewell, and Heartless Bastards all came by to perform stripped back versions of their songs.  We scouted the property for visually interesting locations, working against some rainy weather and making quick location changes between artists.

Here's BORNS' performance of "10,000 Emerald Pools":

Our schedule for the
Public Radio Day Stage

Friday was spent in the Austin Convention Center (out of the rain!) at the Radio Day Stage for Public Radio Rocks, which featured six performances for a live audience and to be broadcast live on WFUV (as well as several other public radio stations around the country).  It was cool to see all the work that went into putting on such an event, as well as the actual execution of the six-hour event.

We spent the first half of the day filming each of these performances and the second half editing them so they could be published on YouTube.  It was a huge team effort to get everything shot, imported, edited, and uploaded within such a short amount of time!

Above is: "Heaven Sent"- a new song from Best Coast and one of our finished products from the Day Stage!

Despite the long days spent shooting videos and editing them, it was a great way to work on my video skills and learn more!  Attending SXSW with FUV was an awesome experience that I was so grateful to have during my time here at Fordham!

Weekend Update

Cerisse Gabion
On Friday after all of my classes were done, I headed into the city to shop around for dresses for the Under the Tent dance, one of the main events of Spring Weekend that is coming up. After browsing around Chelsea, the Flatiron District, and Union Square for a bit, I finally found a jumpsuit that I thought suited the "Illusionists" theme of the dance, for a great price as well! Saturday was also a beautiful day, which I spent half of in the library preparing for finals and the other half enjoying Chipotle on our beautiful Eddie's Parade. I then concluded my weekend by performing in a voice recital in the University Church. As a music minor, I receive credit for my voice lessons and I finally got to experience a culmination of a semester's long work of these musical pieces from my colleagues.
The Flatiron Building

Deirdre Hynes
This weekend a few of my friends from Fordham and I decided to have an adventurous Sunday afternoon by trying an aerial yoga class (for only $10!). We had no idea what to expect going into it, but we all wound up leaving refreshed & excited about going back for another class!
Hanging around in aerial yoga

Cat Gallagher
This weekend was a big one for the Rose Hill theatre community! I went to see Fordham Experimental Theatre's Sketch Comedy and Standup joint show. They completely packed the Black Box, and it was a great show! I also went to see the Mimes and Mummers' production of Inherit the Wind. This show is based on the 1925 Scopes trial about freedom of thought and evolution in schools. This show was also wonderful, and I really enjoyed it!
Inherit the Wind's show poster