Sunday, March 1, 2015

Looking Forward to Spring at Fordham

Winter in New York can be a wonderful time to enjoy the snow and the city.  However, this winter has been particularly brutal, so it has me looking forward to fun outdoor activities on and around the Rose Hill campus.  Fordham looks beautiful in every season, but spring looks especially great on this campus.   

One of the most popular things to do in the spring is to lounge around outside on Edward’s Parade (Eddie’s).  The snow and cold has me dreaming of when it’ll be warm enough to lie outside, read, play Frisbee, and chat with friends in between classes or on the weekend.  As the weather gets warmer, Eddie’s becomes increasingly more crowded with students. On sunny days, Eddie’s is the place to be!

Classic sitting on Eddie's in front of Keating Hall picture.
Right across the street from the Rose Hill campus is the New York Botanical Gardens.  This is free for Fordham students and is the perfect place to stroll or go for a run.  I love being so close to a quiet and beautiful space that allows me to relax and forget the stress and noise of the city.

Another park I enjoy spending time in is Van Cortland Park, which is only about a mile away from Fordham’s campus, so it is only an easy walk or short bus ride away.  This is a huge park (one of the biggest in New York City) with lots of trails, and scenery that’s perfect for a long run or spending the day outside enjoying the weather.

Van Cortlandt Park, a pretty place to be despite some snow!

While there is still plenty of fun to have at Fordham despite the snow and cold, I am definitely looking forward to spending time outdoors, sans jackets, mittens and boots and taking advantage of these beautiful places this spring during my last semester at Fordham!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Seeing the World One City at a Time!

London's Big Ben
When I came to Fordham, I had never left the country before. I dreamed of seeing the world, but I never expected to start traveling the world so soon. However, Fordham has allowed me to travel across continents. By the time I graduate, I will have visited four countries in three different continents. I have been able to do this by taking advantage of Fordham's Study Tour programs, which are short study abroad programs. Rather than spending a whole semester abroad, the study tours last about two weeks.

In my freshman year, I took advantage of a Gabelli Study Tour to Europe. With a group of twenty-three students, I visited London and Paris.  While in these cities, we visited several companies from a range of different business disciplines. Each visit gave us a sense of what it was like to conduct business in Europe, which was very valuable. 

The Great Wall of China!
In my sophomore year, I went on a Study Tour to Beijing. Although Beijing was certainly different than New York, I thought it was an amazing experience. We visited many of the major companies in Beijing and attended several lectures at a Beijing university. I especially enjoyed the lectures at the university since they covered historical and business topics from a very different perspective than I had ever experienced before. 

In two weeks, I will be leaving for my third Study Tour. This trip will be to Santiago, Chile. I am currently taking a Business Practices course that is preparing my class for this trip. We have been learning about the political and economic conditions that are affecting the business climate. Spending so much time preparing for this trip is really making me antsy to go! Like the previous trips, we will be visiting various businesses and attending lectures at a Chilean university in Santiago. My Spanish is pretty rusty, but hopefully I will remember enough to get me around the city (It's a good thing that the lectures and company visits will be in English!).

Friday, February 27, 2015

Senior Spotlight: Sarah Brennan

Name: Sarah Brennan
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Amityville, NY

Sarah showing off her best Fordham wear back
home on Long Island.
Q: What stood out to you about Fordham?
A: It's a great location and it's so close to NYC; there's always something to do!

Q: What made you choose your major?
A: I always had a hunch that I'd want to go into psychology, but after taking a few classes my freshman year, I became convinced it was the area for me. The classes are so interesting and the teachers are great! I actually just started their graduate program in Applied Psychology which is a totally new aspect to Fordham I'm looking forward to seeing.

Q: What was living in the Manresa program like?
A: It was nice to come into such a small community starting college. Everyone really got to know each other and it was nice to see so many faces you knew. A number of the greatest friends I've had at Fordham have been from that freshman year experience; I highly recommend it!

Q: What's been one of your favorite things/memories about Fordham?
A: I began running my freshman year and learned early on that the Botanical Gardens let Fordham students in there for free. Running there regularly is such a great stress release and it's such a lovely place to decompress and reconnect with nature.

Q: Any advice to future Rams?
A: Embrace all that Fordham has to give! College goes by way too fast, appreciate it while you can!

Residence Hall Programs at Rose Hill!

I've lived on campus for almost two years at Rose Hill, so I know plenty about all that the residence halls have to offer. I lived in Alumni Court South my freshman year, and I am now living in O'Hare Hall. Over my time in these halls, I've attended many programs that have helped to expand my horizons and let me experience new parts of the city. Here are some of my favorite programs that my residence halls have sponsored so far at Fordham!

My first week of freshman year, my Resident Assistant took us into the city for free kayaking on the Hudson River. The weather was beautiful and we got to see the city in a breathtaking new way that none of us had before. It was a great way to meet new people and we all really enjoyed the experience!
Relaxing on the Hudson
If you've been in NYC, you've heard of the world-famous Cronut. Half croissant, half donut, these delicious treats can be found only at Dominique Ansel Bakery. Our RA took some of us to go try these pastries for ourselves. We had to leave very early in the morning and stand outside in the cold for a few hours, but it really paid off. The cronuts were delicious, and I would definitely do it again!
Apple Cinnamon Cronut
The Colbert Report
Before Stephen Colbert was hosting Late Night, he was hosting one of my favorite shows, The Colbert Report. My roommate and I won tickets through our residence halls and got free tickets to the show. We were selected to sit in the front row and we even got to high-five Stephen. It was an experience that neither of us will ever forget!

My roommate and I with our tickets!
All in all, the residence halls here at Rose Hill host awesome programs which allow students to experience all that New York has to offer.

Intercampus Transportation Shuttle

Since the second semester of my freshman year, I have had a job at Fordham's Ram Van. Fordham has two campuses in New York City: The Rose Hill campus, or Bronx Campus, and the Lincoln Center campus. The Ram Van is the most direct mode of transportation between the two campuses (although you can also get there by taking the subway or a bus!). Many people on campus use the Ram Van to get to their classes at the opposite campus, or to simply go and explore the city on a weekend! It is a cheap and quick way to get from one campus to another, which many Fordham students and faculty take regularly.

A view from the van over the Hudson
The intercampus shuttle provides a great student employment opportunity. It is the highest paying student job on campus, and it does not require you to be eligible for work study. There is a work study opportunity available, however, as clericals are always needed in the office to complete various office tasks for the administrators. There is a 10-12 hour a week requirement for drivers, and when scheduling, administrators are really helpful and understanding when it comes to working around your schedule. A job at the Ram Van is not only an awesome way to make sure you have a little extra spending money in your pocket, but also an awesome way to meet other students on campus and to get involved in the Fordham community.

The vans drop you right outside of the Lincoln Center campus
I absolutely love working at the Ram Van! I started as a driver, simply driving the shifts that went to Lincoln Center and returned to Rose Hill. I then became a fueler, which consists of longer shifts that run multiple vans to get fuel and then back to the Rose Hill campus. Fuelers also take care of minor van maintenance, including taking vans to the car wash, filling wiper fluid, and vacuuming out the vans. As time went by, I became a Dispatcher. Dispatchers are primarily in charge of handling the front of the Ram Van office. They sell tickets, watch traffic and tell drivers which route to take, make sure vans board and leave on time, handle any customer needs, and basically ensure that everything runs smoothly in the office.

One of the vans in the car wash!
I have met so many wonderful people with this job. Not only do I absolutely love my administrators and fellow drivers, but there have been so many passengers that I have also been able to chat with. I have also, by picking up special runs (for clubs and organizations that use the ram van to go to different destinations) learned my way around the city really well. Ram Van is a fantastic opportunity for students to have a job and get involved on campus, and definitely something I encourage incoming students to look into!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Student Spotlight: Jane Hughes

Name: Jane Hughes 
Year: Junior 
Major: International Political Economy (IPE) 
Hometown: Oreland, PA 

1) What made you choose Fordham?

I chose Fordham because i didn't have to sacrifice a real campus for proximity to a city, and everything that goes along with it! For example, things to do, internships, not feeling cut off from the world in a small town college, etc.  

2) What are you involved in here at Fordham?

I'm on the FCA e-board, I work in Fordham Career Services, I used to play intramural sports, and I volunteer with the Generation Citizen club on campus.

3) Tell us more about FCA. 

FCA is the bridge between career services and students. It's made up of students and provides a really casual way to meet employers and successful alumni, and make friends with the people in Career Services (who are a HUGE resource to have at your fingertips - especially when they know you personally!)  FCA does a lot of different events that get students in contact with employers outside of the traditional interview-process (which is strictly career services' job), by doing this we take a lot of pressure off of both the student and employer which facilitates real connections that can be invaluable when you're looking for an internship/job.

4) What are FCA's big events for the semester? 

Yesterday we had a really successful "First Impressions Carnival" that introduces underclassmen to basic things like resume building and taking a LinkedIn picture for them.  In March, we are starting our recruitment phase - we have applicants interview with us to make sure they're the best representatives we can give employers from the Fordham student body. Towards the end of the semester, we're putting on our second annual Speed Networking Event, which is a really fun night that's set up like a regular speed dating event, but has about 10 employers from all different fields sit at tables while small groups of students get a chance to sit down with them and chat about anything for a couple of minutes. Last year we had a really big turn out from students and more employers requested to be a part of it than we could accommodate, so this year we're going even bigger!

5) Tell us about your internship! 

I'm interning with the Synergos Institute, a non profit founded by Peggy Rockefeller. It focuses on capacity-building in underdeveloped countries so that all of the aid programs we (and other NGO's) donate money to can become self-reliant and continue long after the donated money/resources has stopped coming. Our work puts the countries we help in control of their futures, instead of barging in and telling them what to do in terms of development.  I'm on the development team, which means I work with our donors to determine where their gifts are most needed, and the people who actually receive them. It's a very eye-opening internship, and no, I have never been asked to get coffee or make copies. 

6) Any advice for high school students deciding where they want to spend their next four years? 

Follow your dreams, this may take a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it! Don't be afraid, college is definitely a lot less scary than it may seem! 

To learn more about FCA click here! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fordham Ski and Snowboarding Club

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve wanted to go snowboarding. I had never gotten the opportunity to go during my childhood, and I was always nervous that I wouldn’t be good at it.

But this past weekend, I got to go snowboarding for the very first time, thanks to Fordham’s Ski and Snowboarding Club. The club plans daily trips to popular mountains in the surrounding area for reasonable prices.

Skis and snowboards at Jack Frost

On this particular trip, we went to Jack Frost Big Boulder mountains, which are located in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. The price for the trip included a lift ticket and a rental, and I paid a fairly cheap price for a whole day on the mountain.

We took a bus down to PA and were able to do whatever we wanted for the whole day. My friend helped me learn how to snowboard and I was able to make it down the hills in one piece! I had a lot of fun, and it made me realize that, even though Fordham is located in New York City, I still have the opportunity to snowboard at some of the best mountains in the country!