Thursday, September 29, 2016

Faber Hall

 Welcome to Faber Hall! Previously home to many academic offices, the second and third floors of Faber Hall were renovated over the summer of 2016 into residential housing.  Now home to about seventy upperclassmen, Faber Hall is the ideal close-knit living community.
 Because this building was just renovated over the summer, all the amenities inside are brand new.  Each student can enjoy sitting in their beautiful, spacious room at a new desk with a lovely breeze coming from the new Air Conditioning unit.  Though male students live on the second floor and female students reside on the third floor, the community often comes together as a whole in the common room on the lower level of the building. The community lounge includes a television, a kitchenette, and, right next door, a laundry room with all new appliances. 
 Did I mention the prime location of Faber Hall? With views of the athletic fields and the McGinley center, Faber Hall is located very near the center of campus with everything you may need only a short walk away.  Whether it's the Walsh library, Urban Kitchen, or the Lombardi field house, Faber residents have the ease of knowing that no matter what the weather, they do not need to endure a treacherous walk wherever they are going. 

 Next time you’re walking around campus, take a walk by Faber Hall and check it out!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Month 1 Down: 8 More to Go

Milkshakes at Black Tap: worth the hour long line!
As a sophomore, returning to Fordham in late August this year was new for me.  For the first time I was coming back to Fordham, full of hope and excitement for the months to follow and impatiently awaiting the reunion with my friends whom I had missed so dearly over the summer that was too long yet somehow also too short.  This experience was a huge contrast to that of move in day for me last year as I nervously looked around at all the unfamiliar faces wondering what my life would be like for the next year (or next 4 years!).   

In the one month we have been back at Fordham, I’ve gotten to do many things that one can only do while living in New York City.  For one thing, I got to eat at Black Tap, a restaurant whose specialty milkshakes and craft burgers have been circling the social media world for quite a while now. 
Additionally, I went to a filming of Late Night with Seth Meyers, an experience that I will hold with me for years to come.  Seeing the behind the scenes work put into late night talk shows was not only entertaining, but also informative to me as a Communications major.  I am looking to work in media, so this experience was very useful and gave me an inside look into the industry.
The closest we'll ever be to Seth.

Fordham’s location in New York City is often applauded for providing its students great internship opportunities, but it also allows for its students to immerse themselves in the culture and unique experiences this city has to offer.  Sophomore year is already a memorable one – and it’s only September!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fordham Introduces New App!

Home screen for the new app
At the start of the semester, Fordham University released a new app called the "Fordham University Mobile Go App" for iPhone and Android users that has changed the way students can access information.  It is also available through the Apple Watch App.

By logging in with an AccessIT ID and password, Fordham students can now access three main sections: Student Resources, Campus Resources, and Media.

1) Student Resources
Students can now access their Fordham e-mail accounts, course schedules, grades, mobile registration, student financials, and the course catalog for the semester all with the touch of a button!  Students have the ability to register for and add/drop courses, view grades for midterms and finals, and of course check their Fordham e-mails all without having to open up an Internet browser!

2) Campus Resources
This is possibly the most exciting feature about the app! Students can now view sign-ups for Ram Vans running between campuses, buy online tickets and validate e-tickets for classes and internships, and view live tweets and current average trip times for vans running in each direction!  Gone are the days where students would have to go through three different web pages to sign up for a Ram Van last minute only to find out they are booked for that hour! Now we can save time by signing up through the Fordham App!  The Campus Resources section also includes links to the Fordham website for important items such as: Fordham News articles that are sent out via e-mail, directories of important numbers on campus, maps and directions, campus shuttle times and routes via the Trans Loc system and application, and of course quick access to the Public Safety App and website!

3) Media
The media section on the new app allows students to stay connected with what's going on at Fordham without having to open up various apps!  Links to the Fordham Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts are all readily available and often re-post social media sent out by our lovely students!

Thanks, Fordham, for developing this resource for the Fordham Ramily!

Monday, September 26, 2016

A Conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Fordham Law School

My ticket from the event! 
Blog by Julia D'Ambrosio

As part of Fordham Law School’s Robert L. Levine Distinguished Lecture Series, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was invited to the school to participate in a question and answer session with students and faculty. Being on the pre-law track at Rose Hill, I was ecstatic to be able to attend and learn as much as I could from such a distinguished woman.

Justice Ginsburg answered a wide array of questions, ranging from her thoughts about the iPhone to the importance of marriage equality. To me, the highlight of the discussion was Justice Ginsburg’s advice that “anger is a useless emotion.” The Justice explained that it should not be anger that fuels our passions, but our desire to affect positive change in frustrating situations. To me, this advice was very powerful because it is applicable to people from all backgrounds. Despite Justice Ginsburg’s politically liberal decisions, her advice to the students in the audience crossed party lines.

Overall, the night was incredibly informative and I feel honored to have been in the presence of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her advice and insight will remain in my thoughts for years to come.

Something that I have come to realize from my time here at Fordham is the wide array wonderful opportunities that are presented to students. Being able to attend such a lecture was an amazing experience that very few people have. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Wonders of Gabelli for Non-Gabelli Students

The Fall semester of 2016 saw the opening of a new building at Lincoln Center. The newly renovated and beautifully designed “140 Building” houses all new offices for Student Affairs, the Quinn Library, and the Gabelli School of Business. While a few FCLC courses are in the 140 Building (less than ten total), most classrooms in the building are reserved for Gabelli classes.

Non-Gabelli students such as myself enjoy roaming the halls of 140,
peeking into technologically advanced classrooms, daydreaming about the Don Drapers in the conference rooms. The garden level provides an excellent study space as well. Students can grab a iced teapuccino and quinoa salad on their study breaks and enjoy the company of the friendly women working at Argo Tea who always have a kind word to share.

Of course, Gabelli students know that there is more to the 140 Building than many students realize. There is a state of the art trading room on the first floor that gives students a chance to test their skills in analyzing financial instruments and to study capital markets with the same technology used by the top firms on Wall Street. The room is visually astounding, even to those of us who may not fully understand the meanings behind the numbers and letters scrolling across the stock ticker.

The classrooms are not only more open, but they are distinguishable by Smart Board technology. Smart Boards are a sophisticated interactive tool for students and professors alike. Smart Boards incorporate multitude media forms in the learning experience without sacrificing a classic space for professors to write notes and illustrate figures which aid better comprehension of difficult concepts.

It seems that giving the Gabelli School of Business a home of its own has created an exceptional business atmosphere that encourages learning as well as networking, and non-Gabelli students are excited to watch it all unfold!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Food, Fun and Friends: A Smorgasburg Adventure

One of the greatest things about living in the heart of New York City is that practically everything you could imagine is only a subway ride away. Now that I have lived in the Upper West Side for over a year, I am finally getting more adventurous with my weekend excursions. This past weekend, I finally got to check something off my bucket list: attend Smorgasburg.

Smorgasburg is a giant seasonal outdoor food market that runs every weekend from April to November in Brooklyn. On Saturdays, the food festival is held in Williamsburg at East River State Park, before moving to Prospect Park on Sundays. Rain or shine, over 100 vendors serve an upwards of 10,000 people daily from 11 a.m to 6 p.m.  

The entire trip from Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus to Williamsburg only took about about 20 minutes. With full wallets and empty bellies, my friends and I adopted the “divide and conquer” method: we each went to different food booths, then shared what everyone got.

It was a beautiful day to sit on the waterfront and feast on the best eats NYC has to offer. Once we arrived, we realized it would be impossible to try everything that looked yummy...mainly because there wasn’t a single thing there that was unappetizing! After three hours of eating, sipping on lemonade, and more eating, we finally packed up our bags and went home...taking a few goodies for the road. While I wish I could show you everything delicious we tried, I’ve narrowed it down to my three favorite dishes (it was a really difficult decision).

First on the list are Home Frite french fries. The line for these fries rivaled that of the infamous Ramen Burger...after standing in line for 25 minutes, we got a fresh batch of their classic fries with spicy ranch dressing. The wait was worth it; the fries were gone in under five minutes!
The wait time from Home Frite fries was 25 minutes, 20 minutes fewer than the Ramen Burger wait.

After noticing how quickly the fries went, we decided to get two orders of my next favorite food: Big Mozz giant mozzarella sticks. Having the sweet tooth that I do, I couldn’t list my favorite foods without putting a dessert on the list.
Although these mozzarella sticks were kind of expensive at $10 for four, it was completely worth it!

The winning dessert (out of the many I had bites of) is the “Goodwich” ice cream sandwich from The Good Batch. It was the perfect treat to cool off with on the warm late summer day.

Just one bite wasn't enough...we all bought our own Goodwich sandwiches after tasting it!

A Day in the Life of an Applied Accounting and Finance Student at Fordham

Fordham's Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill has tons of opportunities for students of all schools and majors. From internships, to clubs, to case competitions, to networking events, there is something for everyone at the Gabelli School. I have taken advantage of many of the Gabelli School's opportunities over my last few years here, and I am continuing to do so now as a senior. In this blog, I will be discussing my experience as an Applied Accounting and Finance major at Fordham. 
Fordham's Beta Alpha Psi students volunteering with KPMG professionals

Majoring in Applied Accounting and Finance at Fordham has been an amazing experience, and has been filled with so many amazing opportunities! I am a part of Fordham's chapter of Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) an honor society for accounting and finance majors. In this society, students have the opportunity to network with professionals from Big Four accounting firms, mid sized accounting firms, banks, and other commercial companies. As a part of our membership, students in Beta Alpha Psi also have the opportunity to participate in fulfilling community service events. My favorite BAP community service event was an event sponsored by KPMG's Family for Literacy last semester. Fordham students went to a public school in Manhattan, and read books to students. The event was a great way for Fordham students to collaborate with accounting professionals while giving back to our community. 

Majoring in Applied Accounting and Finance at 
Fordham has opened the door to so many awesome 
career opportunities! Here's a great picture of me 
at KPMG's National Intern Training in Orlando, FL
Fordham is a great school for accounting majors who want the opportunity to intern and work for large or mid sized accounting firms. Due to Fordham's proximity to Manhattan, many business students can easily intern or work at the firms during the school year or over the summer. Another one of my fantastic experiences while attending the Gabelli School was interning at KPMG for the past two summers. Last May, I also attended one of KPMG's leadership conferences with a select group of students from universities across the country. Next summer, I will return to KPMG to intern in the Audit practice in Manhattan. I am so happy that I chose to attend a school that has allowed me to become involved with so many amazing opportunities related to my major. 

Me at my amazing summer internship 
at KPMG's Montvale, NJ office!

Being an Applied Accounting and Finance student at Fordham has been exciting, challenging, and rewarding. The Gabelli School's extensive academic curriculum combined with amazing opportunities to intern and network with firms has transformed me into a well-rounded, passionate young professional. If you are a prospective student interested in a career in accounting or finance, Fordham will definitely offer you the tools and opportunities to be successful. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Club Spotlight: Sláinte: Fordham Irish Dance

Sláinte (slahn-che)
From Old Irish
1. Cheers

Are you a prospective Ram looking for an easy way to join the Fordham community? Look no further than the many unique clubs that our school has to offer! From acapella groups, to business societies, to dance teams, Sláinte is just one of your options -- and, in my humble opinion, it's the best one!

Sláinte is Fordham's one and only Irish dance club. We finally became an officially recognized club this year, which means we have the opportunity to compete as a real Irish dance team! Some experience as an Irish dancer is required to audition; however, there is no need to be currently competing! When I visited Fordham on Accepted Student's Day two years ago, I instantly found Sláinte's table and was so happy to see that I could continue doing something I love at a place that I love! As a student athlete, I have a rigorous practice schedule -- I swim for almost 20 hours a week -- but I can assure you that it is very possible to be involved in anything that Fordham has to offer!
Sláinte Members 2016-2017!

Sláinte has made their presence known on campus through many performances. We have participated as an act in ASILI's "Taste the World" event; opened for The B-Side's, one of Fordham's many talented acapella groups; helped raise money for pediatric cancer research by performing at Fordham Dance Marathon; partnered with Gaelic Society to create the first annual Irish Night, a night devoted to celebrating Irish culture through live music by The Narrowbacks, food and baked goods provided by members of Sláinte and Gaelic Society, and, of course, Irish dancing! Now that we are an official club with a very official budget, Sláinte will travel to Villanova University in just a few weeks to compete in the Intercollegiate Irish Dance Festival!


Sláinte is a group of people who are proud of their Irish heritage, and we hope we can share our culture through dancing with the rest of the Fordham community for years to come! If you are interested in learning more about Sláinte, feel free to like our page on Facebook. Go Rams, and, in true Irish fashion, "sláinte!"

Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Find Fresh Fruit (And Vegetables) at Fordham

One major cliché about college life is that everyone overdoes it on junk food, especially during the first year. Often foods that are unhealthy can be the quickest and cheapest options, and for busy college students on a budget, it is tempting to just grab some chicken fingers and fries whenever there’s a gap between various classes and club meetings. But recently I have made a discovery at Fordham that is helping me stay on the straight and narrow in terms of maintaining a healthy diet: the St. Rose’s Fall CSA.

The St. Rose’s Fall CSA is a community sponsored agriculture program (hence the initials – CSA) that, for a fee, sends fresh fruits and veggies from nearby Norwich Meadows Farm to Fordham’s campus for any student or administrator that wants to sign up for it. All the food is fresh, organic, and grown locally. This semester a few friends and I went in on a fruit share to cut down the cost and now for less than $30 per person, every week for nine weeks we get to pick up some delicious fresh fruits to enjoy.

There is a wide variety of vegetables to choose from
Last Thursday was our first delivery and we came home with three pears, a carton of grapes, and about two pounds of plums. What’s so great about the CSA is that not only am I staying on top of eating healthy, but I’m also helping support the local agricultural economy because we pay the farm directly, so there is no middleman. In fact, participating in the CSA ends up being a cheaper option than if I was to purchase my fruit from a regular grocery store.

Picking out some delicious plums
I’m sure that when you think of going to school in New York City, you don’t really think you’ll be getting the freshest fruits and vegetables around. However, Fordham’s sustainability efforts offer students an awesome way to stay healthy despite the temptation of eating a bag of chips for a snack in between classes everyday. I feel really fortunate that I can take advantage of it!

If you would like to know more about the CSA, this link explains everything in more detail: