Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Day in the Life of a Math Major

As one would assume, the major a person decides to pursue says a lot about him/her. This is mainly because a student's major directs some if not many of the activities that he/she gets involved in. Now that the November 1st Early Action Deadline is approaching and you are trying to decide where to apply, something else that you are probably considering is what you will be majoring in at the school that you eventually end up attending. I have known from a young age that I want to be a teacher when I get older and in high school my math skills encouraged me to pursue a degree in mathematics through which I hope to become a high school math teacher. While I know math is generally not most students' favorite subject, for those of you interested in math or thinking about pursuing math, here is a little taste of what being a math major at Fordham consists of. 

John Mulcahy Hall or JMH, as it is commonly referred to by Fordham Students students, is home to the math department. Consequently, most if not all, math classes offered at Fordham will be located in this building. 
Central Room of the Math Department-Often students and professors can be found working together on the blackboard to solve a difficult problem. 

Interestingly enough, I am currently in four math classes and every single one of them is even in the same classroom! So, Monday through Friday my friends know they can most commonly find me in JMH 406. 

JMH 406- This classroom has great technology and chairs that swirl around so that you can face any of the boards when needed. 
When I am not spending my time in JMH 406, I am also frequently attending office hours and spending time in the math help room. Attending office hours and going to the math help room are both extremely useful resources to help math majors with their homework and test preparation. All of the math professors have specific office hours, as do professors in all other departments. Every single one of my math professors makes him/herself available whenever possible. Sometimes I find myself stuck on a math problem late at night and e-mail my teacher only to get a response back within five minutes. However, when your specific professor may not be around to answer a question the math help room is also a very useful resource. Each hour a different professor is assigned to the math help room to answer any questions that one may be struggling with. 
The Math Help Room- A schedule is posted on the door of when different professors will be in the Math Help Room 
Being a math major is not all homework and studying, however. The math department hosts speakers who give talks on a wide variety of topics that generally apply math to real world scenarios. Before these talks, a different professor each week will bring in cookies and tea for "tea-time." "Tea-time" is a great time to socialize with other math majors and professors and hear about problems that others within the department are working on. 

"Tea-time" Cookie Sign-Up Sheet in the Math Department
Posting of the latest talks happening within the Department 
Other opportunities for math majors which I take advantage of are being a member of the Math Club and working as a grader for math professors. I am currently the treasurer for the Math Club and it is just another great way to get to know fellow math majors. Secondly, as a student grader, I get paid to correct homework assignments. It is a great way to get a bit of extra cash each week! 

There are so many cool things offered for math majors offered at Fordham (as for other majors I am sure)! However, when deciding what to mark off on your application for Fordham, consider becoming a math major! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Early Action Deadline is November 1st!

Colorful folders make organizing application material way more fun!
It's seems like just yesterday that I was completing my application for Fordham University...but it was actually 4 years ago! Yikes! Time really does fly by. So for all of you prospective students, relish every moment! For me, applying to college was the most exciting time of my high school career. Organizing and crafting every piece of my application was like putting one foot toward my future.
Now I am jumping toward my future by applying to graduate schools and fellowship opportunities for post-graduation!! This means writing another personal statement, and taking another standardized test, and making sure I get all my letters of recommendation. Fordham has been such a great help in getting me ready for grad school. I have taken practice free GRE tests rights on campus, and my advisors have been continuously critiquing my personal statement. While applications seems tedious now, I know that pursuing further education and fellowship experience will make me the ideal candidate for competitive job positions in the future. I hope to pursue an MA in Public Policy which will, hopefully, allow me to work within legislative government, or just let me leap right into the White House ;) Wish me luck! And good luck to prospective students! May the odds be every in your favor. 

Almost as daunting as the SAT!
Just a few reminders to myself.


Completing your application for early action is a non-binding commitment, but a good way for the admissions staff to get a jump on holistically reviewing your material. It shows your interest in Fordham and allows for an early admission decision. You still have until May 1st, the national decision deadline, to make your final decision.

You can follow Fordham admissions on Instagram: @fordhamadmissions
and on Twitter: @fordham_admis
and don't forget to join Varsity Outreach:

These platforms will allow you to get the most up-to-date information on Fordham and the admissions process, as well as allow you to ask questions to current students!

Fall at Rose Hill

A picture taken while jogging through the Botans.
Nothing beats the beauty of Rose Hill's campus this time of year- we weren't voted the "12th College Campus Most Made for Instagram" for nothing! The combination of changing leaves and cooler weather makes the atmosphere on campus even more exciting. The Botanical Gardens across the street from Rose Hill are especially beautiful this time of year. Students are seen frequently jogging through the trails or even studying in the gardens. Admission is free to the Botanical Gardens, so I make sure to take full advantage of them during the warmer months!

Keating Hall is also especially beautiful this time of year. It stands tall surrounded by colorful foliage and fallen leaves. Students take advantage of Eddie's by studying, eating, or just hanging out with friends before the weather gets cold. Soon enough, the lawn will be covered by snow, so students are making sure to make the most of these last few weeks!
Keating Hall admist the changing leaves.
With Halloween and Thanksgiving quickly approaching, students are keeping themselves busy with midterms. However, there are also a ton of fun activities happening around campus that students are keeping themselves involved in, such as football games, fundraisers and other campus and club sponsored activities. Fall is beautiful at Rose Hill, and our students love to keep themselves involved in all the campus and the Bronx has to offer.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Beautiful Internship Experience

One experience I have had at Fordham that is incredibly unique to going to school here is the access to internships and career opportunities. This past summer, I stayed in New York and interned with Beauty Cares, a domestic violence nonprofit in Chelsea. Beauty Cares seeks to end domestic abuse through early education on the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. I believe that one of the primary reasons I was able to secure this internship is because of the incredible support and resources I found in Career Services. Because I live in New York year round, I was the only summer intern who was asked to stay on for the school year and not have my internship end after the summer was over. This allows me to greatly increase my skill set and job experience, something that will be highly valuable as I begin to move forward with my career goals.
At an event I helped plan with Beauty Cares' team member Maggie Cely and our CEO and Founder Aryn Quinn
Some of my responsibilities include managing our social media accounts and developing new online marketing and community building strategies. I have taught myself about SEO and analytics - skills that are invaluable in the job market. One of my points of pride from the summer is successfully developing and launching a plan to use Pinterest to drive traffic to our website. It was a difficult task, but one that I realized would be important to increase our visibility and reach.
One of my favorite CelebriTees, from actress Julianne Moore
I also had the privilege of working with our CelebriTee Campaign, where we ask celebrities to decorate wife beaters with an anti-domestic abuse slogans or messages. I recently helped secure the Tees from actor Mel Brooks and designer Tom Ford. One of my favorite aspects of working at a nonprofit is that I don't have a typical day, nor do I do the stereotypical intern things, like making coffee and copies. I have secured event space and sponsorship, negotiating donations from companies that have no idea I am just a college student. At Beauty Cares, I know I'm an integral member of the team, and that is an incredibly empowering feeling, one I'd never expected to receive from an internship!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Shopping on Arthur Ave

One of my favorite things about being a Fordham student is the proximity to the amazing food on Arthur Avenue. And while the restaurants may be famous (and rightfully so, they are delicious), I’ve found the best food comes from the Italian ingredient stores. If you come visit campus, do some grocery shopping while you are here! Here are the top 5 Arthur Ave essentials that my friends and I have discovered over our time here:

1. Casa Della Mozzarella: 
This is the best fresh mozzarella you will ever taste. Order the boccaccini and be amazed at the amazing freshness of these little mozzarella pillows. If you want something to pair it with, order the prosciutto de parma and you have a delicious lunchtime snack. My friends and I had a tradition of going there every Sunday morning before we started our homework.
2. Calabria: 
Pork lovers will drool over the heat of the hot sopressatta, and its funky taste. If you are more of an adventurous eater, check out their n'duja. It is an orange colored, spreadable sausage that tastes amazing on some of arthur ave's famous bread.
3. Calandra:
While Casa is the holy grail of mozzarella, Calandra (all the way at the end of the block) is the king of ricotta. Stop by for a heaping portion of this light and fresh take on authentic ricotta and get same amazing free samples from their friendly staff. But don't stop there, stop by during the holidays for sheeps milk ricotta and try their amazing imported burrata. And make sure to check out their burrino (butter stuffed inside aged mozzarella). It is well worth the walk.
4. Borgatti's
Located on a street right off Arthur Ave, this store has been making the freshest of handmade pastas for over 70 years. Stop in for a fantastic selection of pasta including ravioli, manicotti, egg noddles, linguini - all cut to your specifications.
5. Madonia:
For the chewy semolina bread and freshly filled cannolis, look no further. This bakery has some of the best bread you've ever tasted and goes great with all the meats and cheese you'll have picked up at your other stops. End your meal with a cannoli, filled while you watch. It is a little piece of heaven

Weekend Update

The beautiful Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge Park
Amy Caffrey

After a long week of midterms, some friends and I decided to relax by heading downtown and taking a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, one of our favorite things to do! We hung out in the Brooklyn Bridge Park on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, and stayed long enough to see the beautiful view of the city skyline at night across the water.

Foster the People at the United Palace Theatre
Matthew Calhoun

Kicked off the weekend Friday night by going to see Foster The People preform at the United Palace Theater in Washington Heights, one of the most beautiful venues I've ever been to. The next day was spent with friends shopping and dining in Chelsea and SoHo, two of the coolest neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan. Sunday was dedicated to wrapping up schoolwork and studying of course, but not too bad for a weekend that flew by!

One of the Botanical Gardens' picturesque trails
Victoria Cappucci

With fall in full bloom here at Fordham, I decided to unwind this Sunday for a walk through the Botanical Gardens. The gardens are always a great way to de-stress before and after midterms, which we could all use during this time of year! And the best part is that it's free for Fordham students. Go rams!

The choir gathers for one last rehearsal
Kate Callahan

This Sunday, the Fordham University and Women’s Choirs presented their annual fall concert. These groups, which are made up of students from both the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses, come together a few times a year to perform for the Fordham community. Both choirs put on impressive shows and are looking forward to the Festival of Lessons and Carols, one of Fordham’s most exciting holiday traditions!

Running Off Stress

With midterms finally over, there is a definite need among the student body to unwind and give their minds a break. Being on the track team here, it is nice to have an outlet for stress and a get away from the bustle of studying and busy life on campus. On Saturdays for practice we get the chance to go to Van Cortlandt Park, which is only about 2 miles from campus. Van Cortlandt is a great open space in the middle of the Bronx with different trails and a wooded area. The hilly trails provide a perfect practice space for the team, and it’s nice to be able to run in such a scenic park that is so close to campus. 

Practice at Van Cortland after a busy week!
My roommate, Shanna, is also on the team. This week, she started an internship at Jozii doing marketing and working on their social media to expand their brand. So, she was especially in need of unwinding at Van Cortlandt! We are not in the same running group, but we met up after practice and walked around the park a little before taking the bus back. Waking up for 8 am practice on Saturdays is not always the easiest thing to do, but a morning run is a fun way to wrap up a busy week. After practice, some of my teammates and I went to Pete’s Café on Fordham Road. It’s always nice to get a meal off campus and change up the normal routine of eating in the cafeteria or our other dining options. Pete’s is great because there’s plenty of space to accommodate our big group! Enjoying the leaves changing and the scenery in the park along with a relaxing breakfast was the perfect way to start of a calm Saturday after a busy week!

Blog by: Claire McGonigle

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Taste The World Celebration

On Friday October 24, ASILI, or The Black Student Alliance at Fordham, hosted their third annual Taste The World Celebration. This year more people attended the event than ever before, with nearly 300 people lined up at the door. This event, which took place in McGinley Ballroom, celebrated the rich traditions of cultural diversity, and was open for all students to attend.  The students that went feasted on delicious cuisines of all different cultures, including sushi, pernil, lasagna, cannolis, macaroni and cheese, and roasted chicken. They also were able to sit and watch performances from some of Fordham's most talented performing groups including Fordham Flava, The Ramblers, The Satin Dolls, Expressions Dance Alliance, Sláinte: Fordham Irish Dance, and other awesome individual performances. The emcees were absolutely hilarious, keeping the audience amused the whole time, and the event was an entertaining and fun way to begin the weekend.

The event's logo!
I am part of Expressions Dance Alliance, and when our group was asked to perform at the event, we were so excited. We chose two dances that we performed last semester to rework: Ooh La La and Last Love Song. On the Thursday before the show, we performed our rehearsed dances for the ASILI board, who put up little previews of all of the performing groups on social media to get other students excited for the performances to come the next day. We then quickly picked costumes that would work for both dances, and got ready for the performance the next day. All of the performing groups got there early to help set up, rehearse on the performance space one more time, and take a group picture. Then at 7:00 PM, it was showtime. 
The Expressions dancers before they perform!

Each group did an incredible job, and it was so cool to see a little presentation from all of the groups at one event because they all usually have their own separate shows. ASILI did a great job organizing everything, and I am already looking forward to next year's event. Everyone attending definitely left feeling like they did get a little taste of the world and some impressive entertainment while they were at it. This is one Fordham event you should be sure not to miss!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Finding What You Love

Whether you’re into sports, theater, gardening or fashion, you will find what interests you at Fordham. Offering over a hundred clubs and activities for students, Fordham will undoubtedly have something that makes you excited to get involved. Fordham is a close-knit community and getting involved on campus is an irreplaceable way to meet new friends and find people who are interested in the same things as you.

One of the best decisions I made at Fordham was to volunteer for a year as a Jumpstart Corps member. Jumpstart is an organization that helps underprivileged preschoolers prepare for kindergarten by teaching them reading and writing skills. As a corps member, I would get to go into a local preschool in the Bronx twice a week and work with these wonderful four-year olds. Every session we would practice their letters, read a new story, and do fun activities based on the story. I would leave the preschool with a smile on my face every time because of the great kids I was lucky enough to work with. 

All of the awesome kids we got to work with every week!!
What was great about joining Jumpstart was that I was put in a group of six other Corps members from Fordham who would work in the same classroom as I did. Sharing such a unique experience together, we all became close very fast. Not only did Jumpstart help me realize that I want to work with kids in my future, but it also led me to meet so many new friends that enjoy doing the same things as me. There are so many amazing clubs and organizations just like this one at Fordham that you should most definitely take advantage of during your time here!

My Jumpstart team and myself saying goodbye at the end of the year after our last day in the preschool
Blog By: Abby Collins