Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NYHS Internship in the City

At Fordham, students love taking advantage of all the opportunities New York City has to offer. In addition to all of the fun activities the city has to offer, there are also tons of internships for students to participate in throughout the year. Most Fordham students are able to balance classes with an internship and usually begin internships their junior year. So many of my friends have had really interesting and fun internships, like at the United Nations, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Dylan’s Candy Bar, just to name a few!

NYHS is in a beautiful building on the Upper West Side 
This past semester I had the chance to intern at the New York Historical Society.  The New York Historical Society is located on the Upper West Side along Central Park.  I spent my internship working in the development office working on membership, funding, and events.  I really enjoyed my time at my internship, learning and gaining experience.  Some perks of working at NYHS, in addition to gaining “real world” experience, was its great location, and getting to take advantage of working in a museum, like seeing new exhibits and getting discounts at different museums throughout the city. 

Here is a view in Central Park where I used to take my lunch break

As the semester comes to an end, I’m now in the process of looking for another internship for next semester. The Office of Career Services provides several resources that help students find exciting and engaging internships to enhance their time at Fordham!
Blog by: Anna Romagnoli

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend Update

Fun times hanging out with Roger Williams

Megan McLaughlin
This past weekend, I traveled to Rhode Island to present a paper at a history conference! I had a great time talking to other undergraduate and graduate history majors and finally found some other people as interested in early American trade as I am. Even better-- Fordham's undergraduate research program paid for my travel.

The University Orchestra is full of talented students

Kaitlyn McWha
This weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Fordham University Orchestra's winter concert. My friend is in the orchestra and plays the cello, so seeing her perform was a lot of fun. Fordham's music program has a lot of opportunities for anyone who sings or plays an instrument. I am so happy that I got to experience a part of Fordham's music program, and I will definitely continue to see more University concerts!

Claire McGonigle
This weekend, I mainly focused on finishing my schoolwork before Thanksgiving break. However, with the basketball season coming to a start, I took some time out of studying to go to the Women’s basketball game against Hofstra with some friends. Fordham won and it was a great night supporting our school and being with my friends!
The Rose Hill Gymnasium is a great place to catch a game

GO! Trip to Navajo, New Mexico

One of the best things that Fordham has to offer is its Global Outreach (GO!) program. This program is completely unique to Fordham and gives students the opportunity to travel all over the world. There are trips to India, Romania, Guatemala, Mexico, and even ones within the US including Nashville, New Orleans, San Diego, and New Mexico. These are just a handful of the many trips to choose from.

GO! is not an ordinary club or organization that you would typically find on a college campus. It is completely student-run and organized and is centered on service to others as well as community, simple living and spirituality. Every week throughout the semester, you will meet with the eleven other people going on your project and get the chance to build amazing friendships with them. This way by the time the trips comes around, you know your team very well and cannot wait to spend an entire week with them.

The beautiful reservation in Navajo, New Mexico
In May I had the opportunity of going on a GO! trip to Navajo, New Mexico. Navajo is home to the Navajo Native Americans in northern New Mexico right on the border of Colorado. My team and I stayed with a welcoming Native American on his reservation that has been in his family for multiple generations. This trip was not only a chance for my team and I to bond and form life-long friendships, but it was also an educational experience. I learned about some of the injustices that Native Americans have faced in the past and how I can help change the dialogue about the way in which people speak about Native Americans. I also learned a lot about their unique culture, which included emersion trips to Pow Wows where more than twenty different Native American clans would gather together and join in traditional dances and other festivities. Living in a tent on a beautiful piece of land for more than a week with my closest friends and learning about a culture completely different from my own is an experience that I am thankful to Fordham for giving me.

My GO! team and I on our last day in Navajo before heading back to Fordham
The great thing about GO! is that you do not have to say goodbye to the wonderful people that you went on the trip with once you return to Fordham. All of a sudden you have a close-knit group of friends that live right on campus with you that you can talk about this unforgettable experience with. I could not recommend more highly getting involved with GO! before your time at Fordham is complete.

Blog By: Abby Collins


One of the many student oriented clubs on campus, CAB, had tickets available for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay the Friday before it was released in theaters. Being the crazed fans my friends and I are, we posted up in McGinley and waited in line for our chance to claim some of the limited free tickets. This seems like a pretty basic process, but in reality, it is quite the event. The line filled up quickly and there was a flood of people wrapped around two flights of stairs. I sat there with my friends and fellow line dwellers used that time to catch up and hang out. As a senior, I realize how important these experiences are and how having them available to me is something that I will truly miss about Fordham. Although we sat online for a long time, it was a time when the community came together to enjoy the presence of one another.

The Mockingjay
On Thursday evening, we hopped on the Ram Van where the theater was a short two blocks from Lincoln Center. Attending the opening night of a major blockbuster film is something that is always exciting and somewhat overwhelming. We arrived an hour in advanced to join an impressively large group of our peers all eagerly awaiting the opening doors. The whole theater was buzzing with anticipation. Besides being incredibly convenient, the whole night was an excellent representation of the work/play balance that Fordham offers.

After a full day of interning and night class, it is easy to get caught up in momentum of the busy week and forget all the ways one can de-stress. Having the city at our disposal and all the awesome programs Fordham offers (many times for free) is one of the many reasons why I am proud to be a Ram.

Blog By: Kristen Hefferan-Horner