Friday, October 9, 2015

When Family Takes Fordham: A Fun Visit For Everyone!

One of my favorite parts about going to Fordham is that there is an endless amount of new places to go, activities to try, and experiences to have. There is always something exciting going on on Fordham's campuses, and I love going into Manhattan! This component of Fordham is especially helpful to me whenever my family comes to visit me from New Jersey. Like me, my family loves to enjoy all that Fordham has to offer. Whenever my parents and my brothers come to Fordham, we never run out of things to do and no family visit is ever dull! 
My brothers and I when they came to visit me!
My family loves coming to visit me at Fordham, and now that football season is in full swing, my parents have totally embraced that "Ram Spirit" we students hold close to our hearts. I really enjoy going to Fordham football games with my family because the community and the spirit in the stands makes everyone feel welcome and excited to be there. At the last home game, even my younger brothers got into the Fordham spirit when they saw the Ram mascot cheering from the sidelines! 
Our view of the field at the football game
Arthur Avenue is also a huge success when my family comes to town. Whenever they visit, parents and brothers love to try the many different restaurants that line the street. The delicious Italian cuisine and the authentic Italian atmosphere is very exciting and different from any restaurant back in my hometown. The proximity of Arthur Avenue to Fordham's Rose Hill campus is also a huge plus. 
Arthur Avenue is a great place to bring family!
Fordham's campus is my home, and I love it when my family comes to Fordham and feels at home, as well. The welcoming environment and the endless opportunities Fordham has to offer are fun and enjoyable for everyone. Whether friends, family, or anyone else comes to visit Fordham, a good time is always guaranteed! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gabelli Business Core: Integrated Project

Consulting Cup Trophy

As a senior in the Gabelli School of Business, I am finishing up with my core and major classes this year. One of the key components of students in the business school is the integrated core curriculum. During sophomore through senior years, students are required to take a one-credit class called Integrated Project. This class is especially integrated into all the core business classes during sophomore year as a competition. Students use the knowledge gained throughout their classes to compete in the "Consulting Cup." Students are assigned groups and a company to research, analyze, and present a solution to a current issue the company is facing. Everyone is competing with each other for a cash prize and title of champions.

Consulting Cup winners my sophomore year, 2013

The junior year Integrated Project focuses a lot on financial modeling and also allows students to perfect their excel skills. While there isn't a full competition at the end, it also involves a final group project based on completing a full financial analysis and discounted cash flow of a company.
Simulation program

 Currently I am enrolled in the Senior Year IP. This class focuses on simulation learning. It is a great final class because it applies a lot of concepts we have learned over the past four years into real-life scenarios. Some concepts we have focused on are risk, return on investment, and marketing strategies. The simulations also allow students to make educated decisions that managements of companies have to make every day.

Sample prize!

Each week, we are given a case to read before class and then once we arrive there is a special program we login to in order to start our simulation. We have to input different financial decisions based off of industry and background information generated from the case and program. We see our results for each financial period in real time, as well as how the competitors are doing. Our professor also makes it a fun and friendly competition by giving away prizes to the top four students who generate the most revenue in each simulation!

Friday, October 2, 2015

NYC Views: Top of the Freedom Tower

Twin Tower Memorial Pools
As you all know, 14 years and a month ago the Twin Towers were suddenly struck as a part of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America.  The tragic event affected many people throughout the country and world.  As an honor to all those who lost their lives, the 9/11 museum was set up on the grounds of the original Twin Towers, and One World Trade Center (more commonly known as the Freedom Tower) was constructed as a symbol for looking to the future and not letting an attack keep our morale low; we rise with the challenges put upon us. 

Being in New York City, Fordham loves when students venture into other parts of the city to learn about our history and culture.  This past weekend I was able to do just that.  With a club I am apart of, ACT, we all went to the observatory level of the Freedom Tower. One of ACT’s missions is to organize programs and trips that add to student life on and around campus during their tenure at Fordham. 

Sunset looking west onto New Jersey
We had an appointment to take the elevators up to the 102 floor at 6:15pm – in other words, the critical sunset opportunity.  The view from the top was breathtaking, especially when the sky turned the picture perfect orange-red we all love.  One aspect of the Freedom Tower that I found interesting was they didn’t mention the 9/11 attacks.  The idea behind One World Trade Center was a way for New Yorkers, Americans, and visitors to look to the future and rise from the low points in our history.  Even the architecture embodies this mantra.  The façade is made up of large interconnecting triangles that stretch from the base to the top.  When looking at the top from the street level, the triangles give the perception that the Freedom Tower continues to an infinite height. 

Looking north onto the rest of Manhattan
On our way down from the Freedom Tower experience, we were all in awe of the view and history.  Memorials did not line the top level, but we saw the same view that many of those who lost their lives gazed upon everyday. Excursions like this are one of the many reasons I love Fordham’s philosophy for student life; they want us to experience the entire city, which includes the history, arts, and culture.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Popeapalooza: Fordham Edition

Flat Francis & Fordham bracelet giveaways
Fordham is always bustling with opportunities for students to get involved and immerse themselves in the school community.  The past few weeks have been no exception.  Leading up to Pope Francis’s visit to the United States, there was much planning and excitement around campus.  On Sunday, September 20th, we had a Mass of Anticipation, centered on his arrival in New York.  There was a social on the University Church plaza afterwards, where Campus Ministry distributed ice cream and a variety of Pope-related handouts.  They gave out “Flat Francis” cutouts, just like the Flat Stanley project many students do in elementary school.  This was a fun idea encouraging students to take pictures and share their experiences on social media.  Students also received Fordham bracelets coining the phrase “Faith, Pope & Love.”

The exciting news
There was a packed schedule of events planned to help us experience Pope Francis’s visit to the fullest.  Programs included live streaming of his Address to Congress and to the United Nations, as well as prayer and reflection sessions.  There was also a Pope Francis House Build with Habitat for Humanity in Yonkers, NY.  As a Jesuit university, Fordham was allotted several tickets for students to see the Pope in person.  They held a lottery for his Mass at Madison Square Garden, and for his procession down 5th Avenue prior to the Mass.  The Office of University Mission and Ministry also sent out an email informing us that New York City was running a sponsored program to give away tickets for the Central Park Papal Procession.  Fortunately I won the raffle, along with many other Fordham students!

My view of Pope Francis
On Friday, September 25th, we headed down to the city on the Ram Van, Fordham’s intercampus shuttle service.  Our assigned entrance to Central Park was the “Green Zone,” which was conveniently right down the block from Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus.  We got in line among the thousands of other ticket-holders, surrounded by flags of Vatican City flying everywhere.  Eventually we got through security and entered the park, anticipation building with every minute.  Just standing in this massive crowd of people, you could sense the overwhelming excitement for what was to come.  The procession began around 5pm, and the next thing I knew Pope Francis was riding in the popemobile right before my eyes.  It was such an incredible and moving experience, and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity.