Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring has Spung at Fordham

Keating and a beautiful blue sky
On Wednesday, the sun peeked out and the clouds cleared to make way for blue skies. For current students, as well as prospective students and their parents visiting Fordham on Admitted Students Day, the weather could not be more beautiful. 

In fact, Fordham's beautiful Rose Hill campus has been undergoing many landscaping measures and beautification projects to get our school spring ready! Among some of the various visible measures being taken include the beautiful flowers planted around both the fountain and outside of McGinley Center. For me, as well as many of my friends, the planting of these flowers signify the first signs of spring. Soon, the tulips and daffodils planted on various hills throughout Fordham's campus will be breaking ground and blossoming. The grass on Eddie's is a bright green, after being nourished by showers and melted snow. Yesterday, students speckled Eddie's, playing Frisbee, studying homework, and basking in the delightful 60 degree weather.

Colorful spring flowers and the fountain
Also, as the New York Botanical Gardens are right across the street from Fordham, students can look for signs of spring in the park as well. Each week, I go for a walk through the gardens, looking at the progress of all the plant life. On Daffodil Hill, the flowers are being to develop buds; soon, they will be flowering and the path will be lined by hundreds upon hundreds of daffodils...truly a sight to behold.Although Thursday brings more showers, Fordham is beginning to feel a spring fever budding on campus. 
Fordham students sitting on Eddie's enjoying the sun


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