Thursday, September 29, 2016

Faber Hall

 Welcome to Faber Hall! Previously home to many academic offices, the second and third floors of Faber Hall were renovated over the summer of 2016 into residential housing.  Now home to about seventy upperclassmen, Faber Hall is the ideal close-knit living community.
 Because this building was just renovated over the summer, all the amenities inside are brand new.  Each student can enjoy sitting in their beautiful, spacious room at a new desk with a lovely breeze coming from the new Air Conditioning unit.  Though male students live on the second floor and female students reside on the third floor, the community often comes together as a whole in the common room on the lower level of the building. The community lounge includes a television, a kitchenette, and, right next door, a laundry room with all new appliances. 
 Did I mention the prime location of Faber Hall? With views of the athletic fields and the McGinley center, Faber Hall is located very near the center of campus with everything you may need only a short walk away.  Whether it's the Walsh library, Urban Kitchen, or the Lombardi field house, Faber residents have the ease of knowing that no matter what the weather, they do not need to endure a treacherous walk wherever they are going. 

 Next time you’re walking around campus, take a walk by Faber Hall and check it out!

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