Friday, October 3, 2014

Honey, I'm Home!

While it is sad to leave home for the first time at the beginning of freshmen year, there is no doubt that you will make yourself right at home in Fordham's spacious and diverse residence halls! Each residence hall on campus has its own unique attributes, and you won't be able to resist the views from your window! Some dorm rooms are traditional two-person rooms, while many upperclassmen rooms on campus are apartment style; they include bedrooms, a kitchen, a living space, a dining room, and a bathroom! 
Below is a compilation of pictures from dorm rooms all across campus! If you were to come on a campus tour at Rose Hill, we do our best to showcase a freshmen residence hall. Here are some pictures from upperclassmen residence halls. While this post only features a few of the residence halls, descriptions of all the halls can be found online at Enjoy!!!

O'Hare Hall Residential College: A traditional residence hall that includes double and triple rooms. Each room has its own bathroom! The hall has versatile social and study lounges throughout, and free laundry in the basement! There are multiple integrated learning communities (ILC) including: Wellness, Science Integrated Learning Community, Integrated Learning Community - Global Business, and West Wing: Integrated Learning Community for Ignatian Leadership and Civic Service.

Walsh Hall: This residence hall consists of apartment-style housing. About 500 students live in this 13-floor building, in two and three bedroom apartments. There is free laundry within the building, and many of the apartment have beautiful views of campus and of the city! Walsh Hall is only steps away from Edwards Parade and Keating Hall. 

Martyr's Court: This is a freshmen residence hall complex that consists of three sections: Lalande, Goupil, and Jogues. Each section is named after a Jesuit Martyr. This hall includes traditional double rooms and a small number of single rooms. There are 15 community lounges with kitchenettes throughout the complex, and 17 study lounges. There is also free laundry in each section of Martyr's Court. This hall also houses the freshmen Science Integrated Learning Communities in the Jogues section. The SILC is a great way to jumpstart your science career, whether you are majoring in a science field or are thinking about pre-med. The SILC offers tutors and a surrounding community that you can learn from.
Single room in Martyr's Court

Campbell, Salice and Conley Halls: The integrated learning community within these halls is designed to meet the unique needs of seniors and junior during the transition into the "real world." The learning community helps develop the special skills that are needed after college. These halls were erected in 2010 and consist of apartment style housing. Between 4-6 people live in each apartment in either single or double rooms, and each apartment has its own living space, kitchen, and bathroom. Plus, there is air conditioning and free laundry!

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