Friday, March 8, 2013

Residential Life: Your College Life

One of the best things about going to college is being able to live on campus and getting to know the other students (and potential friends) living in your residence hall! Living on campus offers many different advantages, from being close to all your academic buildings for classes, to joining in with the Fordham spirit all around the campus.

There are quite a few buildings you can live in as a freshman. All of these buildings are co-ed, and are separated based on floors with a community bathroom in each hallway, community kitchen areas, various lounges, and laundry facilities. Most of the rooms are doubles, though there are some which are converted triples, depending on the building you live in.

A view of Loschert Hall on my Move-In Day Freshman year!

Alumni Court South and Loschert Hall are buildings right next to each other with very similar layouts, and South houses the SILC program, which is the Science Integrated Learning Community, where students who are pursuing science degrees can study and spend their time and find support in living together. Martyr's Court is made up of three sections and houses the Manresa program, a prestigious Integrated Learning Community on campus.  Finally, Queen's Court Residential College is similar to Martyr's in that it is also comprised of three buildings, and is a close-knit community of freshman students with its own type of Integrated Learning Community.

O'Hare, Finlay, and Tierney Halls are mostly Sophomore residence halls, Walsh Hall is mostly Juniors, and Salice-Conley and Campbell Halls are the new (mostly Senior) dorms that are only a few years old. There are also off-campus options through Fordham's Belmont Community Housing that you can pick from once you are an upperclassman.

I lived in a converted triple in Loschert Hall my freshman year, I lived in O'Hare Hall my sophomore year, and this year I am living in Walsh Hall as a junior, and Residential Life has treated me well all three years of college thus far. If all goes according to plan, I am hoping to live with my current roommates in either Campbell or Salice-Conley next year!

Wherever you choose to live, whether on campus or off, your living situations for the four years that you are in college offer many opportunities for you to expand your living comfort zone and make new friends with new and awesome people!

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  1. I know it's quite a late comment, but, how was living in a converted triple your freshman year? I've gotten placed into one at the SILC this year and I've heard only bad about having a converted triple. Any comments?