Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Walk to Work

One of my favorite parts of my week, strangely enough, is my commute to my internship in midtown Manhattan. Professionalism exits at Fordham in a special way, that is that it's possible to be a full-time student while exploring any professional interests you'd like. Three times a week , I walk from Fordham's Lincoln Center campus to my company's headquarters, a twelve-block walk that takes all of about fifteen minutes,

I switch the route up day to day, each of which offers something different to experience-- even at 8 am. I can choose, as I often do, to walk through the heart of Hell's Kitchen down 9th Avenue. This street is a popular area for Fordham's foodies (of which I definitely am one). In maybe fifteen blocks you can find nearly endless options of global cuisines to satisfy your appetite. Some days I opt to walk down 11th Avenue, closer to the water and usually drowned in sunlight. Alternatively, I can walk down 10th Avenue and see all of the morning hustle and bustle of diners, delis, and coffee shops, opening and serving the ever-busy New Yorkers in their morning routines.

Those New Yorkers are what makes it worthwhile to walk around, to look around; they are what makes New York the great place that it is. No matter which route I take I am exposed to the brilliant array of people that call Manhattan home. Though I know I will probably never see the same person twice, I cherish there mere moments I get to experience these people, as they help me experience the New York culture.

Manhattan is full of magic and beauty and working downtown is a mutually beneficial way to experience it all on a frequent basis.

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