Thursday, September 10, 2015

Living on Campus as an Upperclassman

The thrill of living oncampus does die out after freshman year at Fordham. Upperclassman on-campus housing at Fordham allows for exciting new experiences and foreshadows the independence of impending adulthood.  Check out my view from the 12th floor of Walsh Hall!

As an incoming freshman, living on campus at Fordham means meeting new people in your hall, attending Res life sponsored activities, hanging out on Martyrs’ lawn, and all the excitements the coming with living on a college campus for the first time. As sophomore year approaches, these excitements tend to come to a simmer as the faces in your hall become more familiar and meeting up on Eddies is a part of your daily routine.

The housing options offered to upperclassman at Fordham promise to renew those freshman year feelings even for students who have been here for a few years. 

Finlay, O’Hare and Tierney Hall present their own diverse experiences that sophomore students tend to gravitate towards. Students who choose Finlay enjoy rooms complete with their own bathroom and not to mention a spiral staircase leading up to a private loft. O’Hare and Tierney appeal to many students because of the integrated learning communities these halls offer. All three halls still embrace a strong sense of community beneficial for second year students who may not know as many of their neighbors as they think.
A newly renovated kitchen in Walsh Hall
Campbell, Salice / Conley and Walsh (where I currently live as a junior) halls give upperclassman their own apartment style dorms while still having the convenience of living on campus. While Walsh Hall is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors alike, Campbell and Salice / Conley Hall are strictly junior and senior housing.

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