Friday, October 3, 2014

Fordham "Philramthropy"

Student Fundraisers at a typical work night.

One of the things I was most nervous about before coming to college was the typical stereotype of the “poor college kid.”  For the first time, I would be living without my parents and managing my own expenses, something that high school definitely does not prepare you for.  I know it's not the most romantic or hottest of topics to talk about while dreaming of future college plans, but it is definitely a concern for students and their parents.

After adjusting to college my freshman year and feeling like I had too much free time, I decided to apply to the Call Center just before my sophomore year.  At the time, I thought the job would be a stress-free way to make some extra money for weekends and city adventures.  I never could have fathomed what the call center has brought to me: newfound friendships, career advice, and learning experience. 

One of the highest paying jobs on campus, the Call Center requires Fordham undergraduates to work 3, three-hour shifts (a total of 9 hours a week – definitely manageable!).  Each evening, from 6-9, “Philramthropists” reach out to alumni, parents, and friends of the University, to fundraise for scholarships, financial aid, campus-wide programs, just to name a few things. At first glance, this seems pretty mindless, maybe even undesirable.  But that is definitely not the case.

Our "leadership board" of total dollars raised by callers. 
Since working at the Call Center, also known as the Ram Line, I have fostered new friendships with fellow student fundraisers, whom I may have never met before.  I have talked to different alumni about prospective career options and paths in order to build up rapport during our calls.  While some alumni are more generous than others, I can honestly say that their pride for Fordham is universal.  It is so inspiring to talk to graduates from the class of 1950 to the class of 2013 who are so passionate about Fordham.  Their tone of voice seems to be a mixture of reflection, nostalgia, and unequivocal energy while talking about their days at the University.  What continues to inspire me even more is that many of these alumni, whether residing in California or even in the Bronx, still manage to find their way back to Rose Hill, and still feel that strong connection to the University as if they were still 19 and heading off to Philosophy class.

I thoroughly enjoy working with my fellow “Philramthropists” on a daily basis.  The Call Center is constantly full of energy and driven students who want to share and discuss their love of Fordham.  I am proud to be a student fundraiser and recommend it to any student interested in working on campus!  Go Rams!

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