Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Month 1 Down: 8 More to Go

Milkshakes at Black Tap: worth the hour long line!
As a sophomore, returning to Fordham in late August this year was new for me.  For the first time I was coming back to Fordham, full of hope and excitement for the months to follow and impatiently awaiting the reunion with my friends whom I had missed so dearly over the summer that was too long yet somehow also too short.  This experience was a huge contrast to that of move in day for me last year as I nervously looked around at all the unfamiliar faces wondering what my life would be like for the next year (or next 4 years!).   

In the one month we have been back at Fordham, I’ve gotten to do many things that one can only do while living in New York City.  For one thing, I got to eat at Black Tap, a restaurant whose specialty milkshakes and craft burgers have been circling the social media world for quite a while now. 
Additionally, I went to a filming of Late Night with Seth Meyers, an experience that I will hold with me for years to come.  Seeing the behind the scenes work put into late night talk shows was not only entertaining, but also informative to me as a Communications major.  I am looking to work in media, so this experience was very useful and gave me an inside look into the industry.
The closest we'll ever be to Seth.

Fordham’s location in New York City is often applauded for providing its students great internship opportunities, but it also allows for its students to immerse themselves in the culture and unique experiences this city has to offer.  Sophomore year is already a memorable one – and it’s only September!

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