Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fordham Introduces New App!

Home screen for the new app
At the start of the semester, Fordham University released a new app called the "Fordham University Mobile Go App" for iPhone and Android users that has changed the way students can access information.  It is also available through the Apple Watch App.

By logging in with an AccessIT ID and password, Fordham students can now access three main sections: Student Resources, Campus Resources, and Media.

1) Student Resources
Students can now access their Fordham e-mail accounts, course schedules, grades, mobile registration, student financials, and the course catalog for the semester all with the touch of a button!  Students have the ability to register for and add/drop courses, view grades for midterms and finals, and of course check their Fordham e-mails all without having to open up an Internet browser!

2) Campus Resources
This is possibly the most exciting feature about the app! Students can now view sign-ups for Ram Vans running between campuses, buy online tickets and validate e-tickets for classes and internships, and view live tweets and current average trip times for vans running in each direction!  Gone are the days where students would have to go through three different web pages to sign up for a Ram Van last minute only to find out they are booked for that hour! Now we can save time by signing up through the Fordham App!  The Campus Resources section also includes links to the Fordham website for important items such as: Fordham News articles that are sent out via e-mail, directories of important numbers on campus, maps and directions, campus shuttle times and routes via the Trans Loc system and application, and of course quick access to the Public Safety App and website!

3) Media
The media section on the new app allows students to stay connected with what's going on at Fordham without having to open up various apps!  Links to the Fordham Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts are all readily available and often re-post social media sent out by our lovely students!

Thanks, Fordham, for developing this resource for the Fordham Ramily!

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