Friday, March 24, 2017

Meet the Bloggers: the Rose Hill Society Ambassadors!

Reading through the “I Am A Fordham Ram” blog posts is a great way to catch a glimpse of all of the amazing opportunities and experiences Fordham has to offer its students, but those who are scrolling through this treasure trove of a website might be a little confused as to who, exactly, is writing the posts--paid students? Administration? A street-savvy robot that the technology department whipped up one day? The answer is, actually, none of the above!

RHS ambassadors pose with Father McShane during an admissions event!
All of these posts are written by Fordham students who are part of the Rose Hill Society, which is just a fancy way of saying that we are unpaid volunteer students who love Fordham and want to help prospective students learn more about the campus. We have to apply and interview to join the Rose Hill Society, and once we’re in we become committed to helping out the people Fordham cares about the most--students just like you! Whether it’s leading tours or writing up blog posts, hosting student panels or snapping photos to put on the RHS Instagram, us RHS ambassadors are passionate about celebrating Fordham and all of its students.

Admitted Student's Day is just one event that RHS ambassadors help with at Fordham
If you want to get in touch with a RHS student representative, just check out the sidebar on the “I Am A Fordham Ram” blogsite and check out our Facebook, Twitter, Insta, or email! If you want to get in contact with a specific student, you can find our emails on the sidebar as well. Happy exploring, and GO RAMS!

Our mascot Ramses (both the real and the cartoon version) are much loved by RHS ambassadors!

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