Thursday, February 2, 2017

Senior Spotlight: Irene Kate Patron and Siobhan Donahue

Name: Irene Kate Patron
Hometown: Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Major: Applied Accounting & Finance
Date of Graduation: May 2017

Name: Siobhan Donahue
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Major: Communications
Minor: Economics
Date of Graduation: May 2017

Why did you choose to go to Fordham over any other school?

Irene: Ever since my freshman year of high school, I knew I wanted to go to college in New York City. I visited a few schools in the area during my senior year and fell in love with Fordham’s campus (even if I was super late to my campus tour…oops!) I love how our school has a traditional campus setting despite it being only a quick train ride away from Manhattan. Being close to the Botanical Gardens and so many great restaurants is also a plus! And of course, I’ve always heard great things about the academic programs here.

Siobhan: They gave me a lot of money. Also, my family has gone to this school since the 1940's.
If you could do the college process over again, what would you do differently, if anything?

Irene: The number one thing I wish I did while in college was enroll in a study tour course. Fordham offers courses that give you the opportunity to travel with your class for a week to countries such as Ireland and Japan. These short-term study programs are great for people like me who knew they didn’t want or didn’t have time to study abroad for an entire semester.

Siobhan: I would change my essay. Mostly because I've evolved as a writer and my whole writing process is different now.
Irene Kate Patron at this year's Leadership Weekend
Could you describe your most favorite role as a leader and student on campus?
Irene: My most favorite student leader role, hands down, was being an Orientation Leader. For all three years that I did Orientation, I was assigned to greet new students and their families right as they entered the campus entrance during Opening Day. I remember how nervous I felt during Opening Day as a freshman but felt more relieved when the OLs approached my car and welcomed me. There’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than being literally the first face new students see and helping ease their college transition!

Siobhan: My most favorite role as a leader has been my role as the co-Editor-in-Chief of the paper. My co-Editor-in-Chief was the most amazing person in existence. We worked so well together. On top of that, my editor team as a whole was very intrinsically motivated.

What kind of opportunities has Fordham given you that you might not have found elsewhere?

Irene: Fordham has such a huge and supportive network that has opened up so many student involvement opportunities for me. I attended the Leadership Weekend retreat my freshman year and I truly feel like that helped shape my Fordham experience. If I didn’t attend LW, I would have never met people who inspired me to get involved with organizations such as New Student Orientation, Senior Week, or Global Outreach. My on-campus involvement also made me realize that I want to pursue a career in student affairs—had I attended another university, I might have had different career aspirations.

Siobhan: Fordham's recognition and prestige helped me land my current internship at a law firm!
What is your favorite memory of Fordham?
Irene and Siobhan went apple picking!

Irene: As simple as this may be, my favorite memory would have to be the times my friends and I hung out during the summertime. We all lived in Martyrs Court for three summers and there was nothing more fun than just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Our nightly family dinners after work (followed by the occasional dessert trips to Arthur Avenue or Manhattan) were always something I looked forward to!

Siobhan: Being an orientation leader this past summer. I was partnered up with the nicest, sweetest, and funniest person I have ever met. Furthermore, my freshmen group was filled with very extroverted and intelligent students.
What will you miss the most about leaving Fordham?

Irene: I will definitely miss the people out of all things. Like I previously mentioned, so many of them have inspired me to get involved and helped me become the person who I am today. My friends and advisors have been a constant source of support in getting me through all my highs and lows in college. It will be so weird not being a short walk away from them anymore!

Siobhan: I will miss the community. Fordham is a school where if you fall in the middle of the sidewalk, at least 10 people will appear by your side to help you up. My only hope is that the rest of the world can be just as kind.

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