Friday, February 3, 2017

Endless Opportunities in NYC

Less than one month back at Fordham and this semester 
Waitress is currently on Broadway starring Jessie
Mueller with music by Sara Bareilles.
has already been full of irreplaceable NYC experiences! 

One of the best parts of Fordham is the quick and easy access to Broadway shows.  During the first week of this semester I was able to go see Waitress on Broadway, something that only New York City can offer. It was entertaining, relaxing, and took my mind off of the pending next 4 months of homework!

Then, last week tons of Fordham students and I attended Winter Fest, a concert held at Lincoln Center annually. As Fordham students, tickets only cost $5, (an amazing deal). This year the band was The Mowgli's, and last year it was Borns.  Winter Fest is somewhat of a winter version of Spring Weekend, which is quickly approaching! The Mowgli's were incredible, as expected.  

The Mowgli's; 1/27/17

And of course nothing is complete without some amazing food, which New York City is certainly not short on. 

Macaron Cafe                                                           Macbar                                                      Davey's Ice Cream   

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