Sunday, December 1, 2013

CLCs...A Unique Community at Fordham

Fordham, as you probably already know, is a Jesuit University. One of the ways that Fordham stays in touch with its Ignatian roots it through its incredible Campus Ministry Office. Campus Ministry has an array of programs, organizations, student groups, and events so that every student has the opportunity to strengthen and deepen their faith lives. One way in which I have become very involved in Campus Ministry and the larger Fordham community is through CLCs. CLC stands for Christian Life Community, and it is an international organization of lay faith-sharing groups founded in the tradition of Ignatian spirituality.
My awesome group from last year! We still make an effort to stay close, even if we aren''t meeting every week.
What exactly is Ignatian spirituality? In CLC we concentrate on establishing a community first, and then seeing our faith lives through "all things" in our lives. I am currently leading one of roughly 15 CLCs at Fordham, with about 8-10 students in each group. My group, both this year and last year, are incredibly important parts of my life. Meetings only last for an hour each week, but we try to make time in our busy lives to get together for dinner, to hang out, or just catch up over coffee during the rest of the week. CLCs, to me, are first about being there for each other no matter what, and for establishing tight, close friendships through a common interest, our faith.

The beautiful stained glass in Keating Blue Chapel, where my group met last year, as well as this year. 
My group this year is an incredibly close group of kids, and for that I am incredibly thankful and happy. It is primarily freshmen, with one sophomore, one junior, and one senior. The freshmen look to us upperclassmen for advice about anything and everything. We meet in the beautiful Keating Blue Chapel, on the third floor of Keating. I could talk about how great they are for eternity, but I think the fact that we consider our group to be a family and the fact that I am called "Mom" by my group members speaks for itself. So if you are looking to enrich your faith life and make some incredible friends in the process, look no further than CLC!!

My group is really excited for our meeting!

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