Monday, February 1, 2016

An Upper-West-Side-Guide To Coffee Shops

One of my favorite things about living in Manhattan is my 24-hour access to coffee. Whether it's a late night of studying or a morning pick-me-up, the Upper West Side never fails to disappoint with a well-brewed cup. Here are a few of my picks!

1. Rex
Location: W 57th St & 10th Ave
Gotta love coffee with wit! 
Perks: Rex consistently brews a reliable cup of artisan coffee at an on-target price for the area. You can opt to have your coffee to stay or to go, and Rex really makes you feel at home with a selection of eclectic "to stay" cups, ranging from mason jars to espresso cups. If you're lucky and find a place to sit, Rex is an awesome study spot with great natural lighting for peak productivity. Oh, and with Rex's stamp cards, every 10 drinks gets you a free coffee: the perks of being a regular!

2. Joe Coffee
Location: W 68th St & Columbus Ave
Perks: Joe Coffee is an UWS meeting place at almost any peak hour of the day. Seating is also limited here, so if you can snag a place, it's also an excellent study nook. Joe has locations all over the city, as well as in other cities across the east, so if you get hooked, you can get your fix outside of NYC as well! Joe runs the same punch card deal as Rex: 10 drinks, one free (note: that beats Starbucks rewards by a whole two drinks).

3. Birch Coffee
Location: W 96th St and Columbus Ave
Perks: If you're ever wandering further uptown, check out this location of Birch Coffee. Birch's iced coffee easily makes it into my top ten best iced coffee experiences ever. This Birch location has a good amount of seating for studying (score) and the ever so wonderful loyalty punch card (double score).

4. Aroma Espresso Bar
Location: W 72nd St between Broadway and Columbus Ave
Perks: If you need a good espresso pick-me-up after your Trader Joe's run, or just want to get a little further from campus, Aroma Espresso Bar packs the perfect punch. Aroma also has solid chai tea lattes and truly adorable to go cups for their iced drinks. This caffeinated gem also offers two levels of seating, perfect for a coffee date or a solo endeavor.

5. Fika
Location: W 79th St & Broadway, W 54th St & 10th Ave
Perks: This coffee spot is sleek and chic! In the spirit of Swedish tradition, Fika translates to "to have coffee." There's also lots of pastries and snacks, so a coffee break can easily turn into snack time. A little pricier than usual, Fika makes up for cost with quality!

With so much coffee to experience, there's always some place new to explore!

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