Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Manresa Community

Applying to the Manresa Program, housed in Martyr’s Court Jogues, was one of the best decisions I made upon entering Fordham.  The program’s goal of spiritually, mentally, and academically transforming its students is fulfilled by passionate professors and mentors.  Dr. Parmach’s The Lost Interlocutor: Philosophy of Human Nature class was especially intellectually stimulating as he discussed philosophical tenets in such a way that would affect us in new relationships, conflict resolution, and academia.  This exemplified the effort the Manresa faculty made to make its students feel comfortable in fostering new bonds while creating a fervent atmosphere that transcended each member.  Additionally, through the Manresa lectures, dinners, volunteer opportunities, and symposia, I began to discover what I wanted out of my college experience, as did the friends I made along the way.  The members within the community are tight-knit, considerate, and driven, which created an amicable, energizing, and ultimately inspiring environment that we all called home. 

Cupcakes at the Halloween Party
One of my favorite parts about the Manresa Program was the opportunity to volunteer with friends, professors, and mentors.  To me, this fostered the quintessential essence of the Fordham community in light of the institution’s motto, “men and women for others.”  I was especially enthusiastic about the spring symposium on social justice, open to all Manresa students.  Through the symposium, I was able to participate in tutoring and mentoring young children in the Bronx community, as well as doing Midnight Run.  This program was so fulfilling that I wanted to become a part of it again this year.  As such, I am currently working with other Manresa alumni to help assist with programs in the dorm, volunteer opportunities, and the spring Social Justice Symposium.  This year, I was able to assist with a community breakfast in Jogues on Family Weekend as well as spearhead a Halloween Party at the Jesuit Infirmary on campus in Murray Weigel Hall.  The Halloween party was a success as several Manresa students and alumni baked for the Jesuits and enjoyed a student harpist. 

A Jogues RA serving breakfast on Family Weekend
I am looking forward to working with the current Manresa freshmen during the Social Justice Symposium next semester, as I will be helping with volunteer programs as well as assisting the leaders of the program.  As for prospective freshmen, I highly encourage you to join the Manresa Scholars if you are interested in joining a close community of highly motivated, good-hearted, students! 

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