Wednesday, February 26, 2014

America's Got Talent

One of my favorite memories this year at Fordham was seeing a live tapping of America's Got Talent, for free! My friends had heard that by going to the America's Got Talent website and filling out some information we could get free tickets to see the tapping of a results show. After filling out the information online, we secured the tickets and simply needed to go in a few hours before the show to pick them up. 

I was amazed when I got to the theater. I had never been to a live tapping of a show before and  I was surprised by all of the effort that went into making a production successful. The producers gave us (the audience) directions on how to act when they were filming. It was so amazing that I was able to take part in a live production.

On top of that, Fall Out Boy preformed. This was an added bonus because I did not expect outside bands to be preforming. I was able to see a live tapping and a concert all in one! 

At what other school could you hop on a train and see a tapping of a live show on a school night?

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