Thursday, February 27, 2014

We ARE Fordham

As a rising senior in high school, I felt that the college process took a toll on my confidence as a student.  Ultimately, I felt like wherever I visited, I had to prove to the different universities why I should be accepted to their institution.  To me, this seemed like a game where I was just a number, lost in a sea of students.  In all honesty, I was very hesitant about committing to Fordham, even though the University perfectly met all of my requirements in what I expected of my college experience.  For example, I wanted to go to a medium sized school that was strong in the liberal arts, was in or near a large city, and preferably Jesuit.  I even had a picture of what I wanted to see when I visited colleges - it sounds silly, but when I visited schools in the nicer weather, I wanted to see students tossing around a football or a frisbee, because to me, this is how I pictured my college days – enjoying time with friends in a positive learning environment.  Even though Fordham was perfect on paper in regards to what I was looking for in a school, I still was not convinced since I live so close to campus, as I am from the New York area.  It was ultimately when I came to the President’s Spring Preview when I listened to different Fordham representatives speak that I felt that each person helping with the event cared about the current and prospective students, and that I would not just be a name on an application or a roster.  Then, it was done deal. 

A common question that I am asked on tours is, “why Fordham?”  Today, I can’t help but think, why, not, Fordham?  I think the important question to answer for those interested in attending Fordham is not why I came here, but ultimately, why I chose to stay.  I feel a connection to the University every time I step onto the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses – I experience a wave of safety and relief, as if I were home.  And that is why I chose to stay at Fordham – soon enough, its sprawling lawns and classic styled buildings felt like home.  I believe this sense of community was fostered from the efforts made during orientation and its fearless leaders. 
Students gather together on Martyr's Lawn for Spring Weekend

Ultimately, it was the people I met during my freshman year that made me want to stay at Fordham.  Whether it was endearing professors in their office hours, considerate RA’s or motivated classmates, I found that the welcoming environment at Fordham was too great to consider leaving.  If I could give one word to describe the students at Fordham, I believe it would be camaraderie.  This camaraderie is an experience that touches those who say the words “we are FORDHAM” on their first night together at college, and hopefully three years after they graduate.  So why Fordham?  Because, we ARE Fordham.

The annual candle-lighting ceremony during orientation

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