Friday, September 5, 2014

Staying Happy and Healthy at Fordham

I am so excited to be back at Fordham for the Spring Semester! I missed Fordham’s beautiful campus, and all of my friends over the Summer.  It’s going to be an adjustment moving away from home and starting a whole new routine. However, Fordham is a great place with so many resources that help you maintain both  mental and physical health!halfway done with my Fordham experience.
Welcome to The Ram Fit Center!
Fordham  is equipped with the state of the art  “Ram Fit” center located in the McGinley center, just below the cafeteria   The Ram Fit center is open from  six am to twelve am, so you can  make time for some exercise even if you have the most hectic schedule. I usually like to go around nine pm when it’s not too crowded! There are countless stationary bikes, ellipticals,  and treadmills, each one with a built in TV and iPhone doc. The ram fit center also contains workout machines for all parts of your body, as well as a wide array of free weights.  The fitness center offers different classes on a weekly basis such as yoga,  Pilates, zumba, and  my personal favorite spin!
Here are just a few of Fordham's state of the art stationary bikes and treadmills!
Fordham  is aware that fitness is only one part of a student’s well-being.  Fordham’s cafeteria offers a variety of healthy food options such as the salad station and the gluten free/ vegan  station.  But let’s be serious, even if you eat healthy and exercise, there is still the possibility of getting sick. Not to worry! Fordham’s health center is located in O’Hare Hall.  You can call and make an appointment, or come as a walk in.  In addition  to the health center, Fordham also has its own EMT service, Fordham university emergency medical service, more commonly referred to as FUMES.

My delicious and healthy dinner, compliments of the Fordham Cafeteria!
Fordham also provides many services that can help aid your mental health.  Fordham Psychological services is a free and anonymous way to get any help you may need.  Aside from regular one on one therapy sessions, Fordham offers  group therapy sessions based on various issues. Fordham’s proven to be a great support system for me, between friends, professors, resident assistants, and resident ministers I’ve never felt alone! Fordham fosters an environment where students are free to be happy and healthy!

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