Saturday, September 6, 2014

What does Back To School mean for you?

When discussing back to school plans and events for college students, it’s pretty standard to hear about football games, pep rallies, dances, and on campus activities. Back to school for a Fordham Ram, though, is all of that and more.

What I love so much about going to Fordham here at Rose Hill is that we get all of those super college-y fun experiences like basketball games, raffles, school sponsored dinners and events, we also have the subway, metro north and the Ram Van all at our finger tips to take us to Manhattan, one of the most fun places in the world (I am biased, though).

So what did back to school mean for me? Yes, it did mean sporting events and wearing our school colors and buying books and catching up with friends. I think a lot of college kids would give you similar answers such as those across the country. But, back to school for me also meant finding new and super yummy restaurants, getting the best gelato in little Italy, perfecting my skills in hailing cabs, and some of the best museums and street fairs in the world.
Exploring my favorite city!

Sure, you can’t deny that you can get a great education somewhere that isn’t in New York City. But I feel as though my Fordham education is not only fantastic academically on campus, but the element of the city gives me access to outlets and opportunities that my friends at state schools or suburban campuses simply don’t have.

One of my new favorite restaurants, Freemans!

 Next weekend I’m going record shopping with my friends in SoHo and then to see a play. What are YOUR weekend plans in college going to be?

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