Sunday, September 7, 2014

Finding Your Groove at Fordham

Fordham is a school where everyone can find something for them. By now, you probably know we are located in NYC, so there is a plethora of musical options for every taste in the city. However, there is also a wealth of choices to indulge in your musical side on campus.

Cartel plays at last year's Spring Weekend
concert. Grouplove played the same day.
Every year, there are musical events galore that feature a wide variety of genres and performers. Last Friday night was the “Welcome Back” Club Lib rave/dance on the lawn in front of the library, and Spring Weekend’s musical acts, which often include a student DJ battle and a featured performer (last year, Cartel and Cold War Kids; once upon a time, U2), herald May’s final exams. There are a variety of choirs who sing a wide range of liturgical and classical music, a jazz ensemble, and a bunch of a cappella groups. (Here are the B-Sides, one co-ed a cappella group, covering Bastille's "Pompeii" for your enjoyment.)

Today, Titus Andronicus (a punk/indie band named after one of Shakespeare’s more gruesome plays) held a free concert behind Rodrigue’sCoffeehouse, a small student-run coffee house and NY Historical Landmark. Rod’s often sponsors student open mic nights concerts and other entertainment events around campus.
Lead singer Patrick Stickles.

Students listen to the opening acts (two student bands) while waiting for Titus Andronicus. 

Not to get too punny, but you really can find your groove here at Fordham. 

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