Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Not Gilty

Fordham is my school. New York is my campus. We are incessantly reminded of the opportunities our school’s location provides for us. But for many students, our ambitions often out stretch our bank accounts. Between financing the obvious basic college necessities, like books and supplies, and the other less obvious (but equally essential) oddities, ranging from command hooks to toilet paper, the budget of a college student leaves little room for excess expenditure. Decidedly, I’d love to spend a Sunday morning enjoying a post-yoga brunch in the East Village, but a swift check of my TD bank app crushes my hopes of satisfying this New York lifestyle…but does it have to?

Online services like Groupon, Gilt City, and Living Social prove that having a glimpse into a Carrie Bradshaw-esque lifestyle is not all that unattainable. These digital services provide members with discounted gift certificates for local businesses including restaurants, boutiques and fitness studios. The online accounts require no cost and prove user (and budget) friendly. For members, services usually ranging anywhere from 20-90% off the original price.   

Five classes at Bikram Harold Square cost me $49, over 50% off the price for other customers

With easily accessible apps and daily email threads, these online services not only provide student-friendly prices but also can serve as inspiration for a date-night or night out with friends. So if you’ve been feeling a little gilty about you’re spending already this year but still crave the pricey New York City air...check out these websites and their great finds!

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