Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New York is My Campus, Belmont is My College Town

To an American young adult, the "college town" atmosphere is one of the most prevalent and familiar settings in pop-culture. This small close-knit community is about as far as you can get from the backdrop of the world's most cosmopolitan city, but at Fordham, our Rose Hill campus lets a few thousand students get the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds: a classic lush, collegiate campus tucked into the concrete jungle of the Bronx. For the Fordham Community, the Belmont neighborhood of The Bronx is the "town and gown" community associated with the Rose Hill campus. To the rest of the world, Belmont is the Little Italy of the Bronx (the real Little Italy of NYC), and world renowned for it's history, culture, and cuisine. 

FCRH sophomores Jackie McDonald & Lauren Keefe at Ferragosto

Every fall, tens of thousands flock to Arthur Avenue for Ferragosto, Belmont's tribute to the traditional holiday commemorating the end of the harvest season in Italy. The streets are lined with booths and tents extending out of restaurants to showcase the authentic cuisine and culture that makes the Belmont area so famous.

Ferragosto's timing couldn't be more perfect for new students at Fordham. As a freshman last year, going to the festival was a great way to discover all of the shops, restaurants, and cafes that are less than a 10 minute walk from my dorm room. Coming from Ohio, I knew little about what was around the Bronx, and a huge event like this was the perfect opportunity for me to acclimate myself to my new neighborhood.  While the festival is only once a year, Little Italy is a hot-spot for Fordham students year round. In fact, many local businesses in the Belmont neighborhood offer a discount to Fordham students who flash their student ID, including a personal favorite of mine, Palombo Bakery & Cafe.

Arthur Avenue filled with festival-goers at Ferragosto

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