Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Peer Health Exchange

Interested in volunteering? Interested in health or education? Want to make a positive impact on high school students? Then, Peer Health Exchange is the club for you! Peer Health Exchange, or PHE, is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to give teenagers the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy decisions.

How can students get involved? Undergraduate students can get involved by applying to be Health Educators (HEs) at www.peerhealthexchange.org/apply.  HEs are on a specific team and undergo training to teach one of the health workshops at public high schools that have no health education. To date, PHE has trained over 7,500 college student volunteers to bring health education to more than 96,000 public high schools located in the beloved NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington D.C.

A good and funny try at spelling P-H-E
What are the different health workshops? There’s a lot! To mention the ones taught through Fordham, the workshops are:
·         Sexual Decision-Making (SDM)
·         Pregnancy Prevention (PP)
·         Rape & Sexual Assault (RSA)
·         Abusive Relationships (AR)
·         Healthy Relationships (HR)
·         Mental Health (MH)
·         Nutrition & Physical Activity (NPA)
·         STIs & HIV
·         Decision-Making and Communication I & II (DMC I & II)
·         Drugs (DR)
·         Alcohol (AL)
·         Tobacco (TOB)

How many people are on each workshop team? Each team is led by one of the members of the Leadership Council (LC), with a Senior Health Educator (SHE), and three Health Educators (HEs). The wonderful Co-Coordinators (CCs) lead and manage all workshops, under the direction of our humble and hard-working Program Manager.
Here's my lovely fellow HE, sophomore Hannah Buckley!
We both teach SDM!

When do students apply? PHE recruits Health Educators during the fall and spring semesters. Once you apply, an interview process will be held with the AWESOME Leadership Council and Co-Coordinators! And who knows? Maybe if you’re a part of PHE, you’ll be so inspired to get more involved by applying to be a CC or LC or even a SHE!



Here's the great LC for SDM, senior Dan Mullen! Did I mention he's awesome?
  Even if you’re NOT interested in health or education, you can still get involved! I’m actually a business student. Of all the organizations I have been a part of, PHE is definitely the BEST! Not only will you make a difference by providing a much-needed service to students who are facing such high pressures that inhibit them from making healthy decisions, but you will also get to train and educate with fun and incredible people, who are some of the most genuine people I have ever met.

Fordham Peer Health Exchange

90% of teens who were educated in a PHE workshop intend to take what they learned to help them in making healthy decisions about what is right for them. I highly recommend PHE for students, who want to be a part of the fun, use tons of acronyms haha, but most importantly, be a part of inspiring others and making a difference!


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