Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Update: Mega Post!

This is a mega post combining last weekend (our long weekend) and this past weekend. Last weekend was Presidents' Day Weekend, and we got some snow heading into the weekend. Check what our ambassadors were up to!

Rose Sherman
I went to Inside the Actors Studio to watch the cast of How I Met Your Mother talk about their lives and the final season of the show. It was such an incredible opportunity and definitely wouldn't be possible if I didn't live in New York. 

Jessica Timko
I went to Brooklyn Flea, an indoor flea market with about 120 vendors, and Smorgasburg, which is an all-food market with about sixty vendors. Although I didn't find anything to buy at the flea market, my friends and I enjoyed a delicious variety of food which included pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, chocolate cake, doughnuts, and macaroons.

Shannon McKenna I am an RA in O'Hare Hall (a sophomore residence hall) and hosted a President's Day Trivia and Ice Cream Party for residents on Monday night! About 40 students attended and enjoy ice cream while learning some new fun facts about US presidents!

This past weekend boasted high temperatures, getting everyone in the mood for spring! Learn what the weekend had in store!

Vanessa Agovida
This past Saturday I competed at the Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinals for International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (the competition featured in Pitch Perfect) at Rutgers University with Fordham's co-ed jazz a cappella group, the Hot Notes! We didn't place, but we were just happy to be there since it was our first time at competition. We're also very excited that the Fordham Ramblers placed second and qualified for Semi-Finals. Go Rams!

Juliette ArcodiaThis weekend, since it was so beautiful, a couple friends and I walked down Arthur Ave for frozen yogurt and Italian pastries. We stopped at the new Peachwave on Arthur and 187th and then at Palombo's bakery to pick up cannolis for my Go! reunion later that night!

Jillian Diehl
And for myself, we celebrated the 22nd birthday of one of my best friends, Meghan! We went to Harry's, a restaurant and brunch spot in the Financial District. It was such a beautiful day, reaching up to 50-something degrees. We were strolling around and then decided to cross the Brooklyn Bridge! Even though I've done it many times before, I definitely had "a moment" of gratitude that I have these opportunities as a college student in New York.

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