Thursday, April 2, 2015

Top 5 Reasons I find the Walsh Turnstile Super Convenient

Back in January the Walsh Gate was converted into a turnstile. This allows students 24 hour access to the gate. While 24 hour access to the Walsh entrance may not seem like a big change here are the Top 5 Reasons Why It Is Convenient:  

1. Dunkin' Donuts Access 24/7
Since Dunkin' Donuts is located a block down from the Walsh Gate Entrance, the new turnstile allows me to walk to and from Dunkin' Donuts safely. It also reduces the time it takes me to get there. I can now run across the street before my 8:30 class in JMH and grab a coffee without having to go around Finlay Hall. 

2. Easy Access for Off-Campus Students 
Students who live off campus are also very pleased with the new turnstile access as it allows them to easier access to campus. Now students have an extra five minutes in the morning before classes!  

3. Easier to Visit My Friends Off-Campus 
Some of my friends live in the apartments directly across from Walsh Gate. I can now visit them quickly anytime I want. 

4. Reduce time to get to Arthur Avenue 
Many students coming back from grabbing coffee or going food shopping down Arthur Avenue are glad that there is now 24 hour access to closer entrance. While it is not a huge deal to walk to Finlay Gate, it definitely saves some time. 

5. Lower Security Cost 
Having the gate open 24/7 is convenient for students. But, having a guard present 24/7 would be too costly. The turnstile is practical and still safe as there is another guard present right down the block and there are security cameras installed by the turnstile. 
New Walsh Gate Turnstile 

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