Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Intramural Madness: Fighting Your Way to a Championship

My volleyball team after our first big win!
I’d first like to start with words from the inspirational and great athlete, Ricky Bobby: “If you ain’t first, you’re last!” Those six words have been my intramural volleyball team’s mantra for this past year. We have stuck to Ricky’s philosophy in the hopes of making an intramural championship run and winning the greatest of all trophies, a championship t-shirt. Although it sounds like you’re getting just another t-shirt, no words were ever more false.  At Fordham, an intramural championship shirt is a prized possession and a bucket list item for many.  Word around campus is that the legend, Vince Lombardi, once said he’d rather have a champs t-shirt than his name on the Super Bowl trophy.

Watch Top Gun for more volleyball inspiration
Although Lombardi may have never actually said that, intramurals and championship t-shirts are still very popular at Fordham.  Whether you were a Varsity All-State Champion in high school or always had aspirations of playing, there’s an option for you.  Intramurals are a great way for you to form a team with your group of friends and take on fellow Rams. You can show off your Steph Curry clutch 3-pointers in basketball, Odell Beckham Jr. worthy hands in flag football, your Misty May and Kerri Walsh gold medal V-Ball spikes, or your best skills in many other sports. As for me, my true passion lies on the volleyball court. Inspired at a young age by the prowess of Goose and Mav in Top Gun, I have always dreamed of one day making it to their master level. (For a full list, check out the official intramural page here.) 
The official Spike Lee team logo 

This year, Spike Lee, my volleyball team, has had a bit of a rough season. Rough season may be an understatement – we haven’t won a set yet. Back to the words of Ricky Bobby, we are last. Although, Ricky’s philosophy doesn’t take team spirit into account. In that category, we are easily first and deserving of a championship t-shirt. I believe the most important part of intramurals is to have fun with your friends, whether that means you don’t win a game or you win them all. College is a chance to form friendships that will last the test of time, and playing intramurals is a great way to make memories you’ll never forget. So remember, Top Gun high-five your way to a championship t-shirt or have fun losing.

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