Monday, January 25, 2016

Surviving the Snowpocalypse 2016

Greetings from the Big (Snowy) Apple! This past week, NYC was in a bustle trying to prepare for winter storm Jonas. With warnings of up to two feet of snow, I prepared myself for a day inside with all eight Harry Potter movies, my best friends, and Goldfish. I knew that together we could survive the Snowpocalypse. We all went to bed Friday night anxiously awaiting the beginning of the blizzard. When we awoke on Saturday morning, we couldn't believe our eyes. Campus was COVERED in a blanket of white. I had never seen it so snowy! Being from Florida, snow still amazes me every time I see it, so I made plans with some friends to play in the snow. We knew we needed to fuel up, so we stopped by a dining location on  campus and got a nice, hot cup of coffee and a warm delicious bagel. This reminded us how much we like to eat. So, instead of playing in the snow, we decided to make some cake pops to eat while watching Harry Potter. My roommates, friends, and I snuggled up together while the cake baked and watched as both Hogwarts and Fordham became more and more covered in snow.

Two movies and two dozen cakepops later, we decided it was time to venture into the snow. Campus has a couple hills, so we decided we would try to sled. We found some trashcan lids, bundled up, and headed to the hills. There was so much snow that we literally sank into it! Needless to say, sledding was a bust. So, we went back to the senior apartment building to see what our friends were up to. We ended up (shocker!) watching another movie while snuggling and gazing across campus. We even made our own homemade version of burrito bowls since the Chipotle near campus was closed due to the snow.

All in all, the snowpocalypse was well spent and we survived! There is no place I would rather be on a snow day than our beautiful campus. Thanks for reading and stay warm!


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