Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Favorite New York City Museum: The American Museum of Natural History

Today I went to the museum of Natural History, which is located on the Upper West Side right by Central Park. The area is my favorite in the city, and when you go to school in New York, Sunday's are for city adventures.
One of my favorite pictures from the day!
The museum of Natural History is a must-see when you live or are even just visiting the city. It's absolutely stunning, and they have everything from dinosaurs, to an amazing planetarium, to every kind of mammal and sea-life creature you could imagine. Experiencing it is so much cooler than reading about it, and what's awesome about going to Fordham is that so many classes incorporate real; hands-on activities that make your classwork come to life. Whether it's to the planetarium at the Natural History Museum for your Astronomy class, or to the Met for your art-history class, almost every class you take can be applied in some sort of interesting way in Manhattan, which makes things so much more interesting!

After getting lunch at a little cafe on the Upper West Side, we went to the Museum for a few hours and got lost in the exhibits, there's just so much to see. I appreciate experiences like these a lot because I know that my friends at other schools in more rural or even suburban areas just don't get to go these kind of places. I took plenty of pictures of course, and we got ice cream before we went home. It was a simple day, but a very memorable one nonetheless, and I can thank the best city in the world for that.


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