Sunday, November 22, 2015

Senior Nights at Rose Hill!

My past three years at Fordham have flown by, and it is crazy to think that I will be graduating in a matter of months. As scary as that thought can be, there are certainly some huge perks that come with senior year at Fordham.  In my opinion, one of the best things about senior year here at Fordham is the opportunity to attend Senior Nights! 

Senior Nights are events that happen once every month, the senior class gathers in the McGinley Ballroom to enjoy music, snacks, dancing and more! Each Senior Night has a different theme. The first occurred in October and the theme was childhood dream job. Classmates dressed up as everything from ballerinas, to doctors and vets, basketball players, astronauts and just about everything in between! The second night recently took place in November with the theme of Party in the USA! There was red, white and blue in abundance, with special guest appearances from Abe Lincoln and friends! 

Making our childhood dreams a reality! 

Party in the USA!

Senior Nights are organized by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). They do an amazing job of putting everything together and making sure the seniors can have an amazing time with their class before graduation! These nights are definitely something that I have looked forward to since freshman year at Fordham and I can't to see what next month's theme will be because I know it is bound to be a great time! 

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