Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Life as a Student Athlete

My day begins when my alarm goes off at 5:35 AM, signaling that it's time to get up for morning practice. By 6, I'm diving into an ice cold pool, and soon after I'm lifting weights in the athlete gym. By the time I make it to the cafeteria for breakfast before class at 8:30, I'll have been awake for close to three hours longer than the other students I see around me. Only a few hours later, I'll be back in the pool again for my second practice of the day, and the cycle keeps repeating through the week.

The life of a student athlete is one of dedication. As a swimmer, I set aside over twenty hours per week for practice alone. On top of that, I need to find time to complete my schoolwork on time and have somewhat of a social life!

Thankfully, Fordham University provides its athletes with useful resources through the Athletic Advising office. Each athlete is assigned an advisor, to whom the athlete can go at any time for assistance with registration, recommendations for classes, and help with schoolwork in general to name a few.

Although being an athlete makes for a busy schedule, it also provides many opportunities for service within, and outside of, the Fordham community. The women's swim team recently participated in the American Cancer Society's "Make Strides to End Breast Cancer" walk in Central Park. We raised over $2,000 for an amazing cause!
Fordham Women's Swimming Makes Strides Against Breast Cancer!

I have to be honest -- being a student athlete for a Division 1 team at such an academically challenging university is no easy task. However, I cannot imagine not swimming and not being a part of such a supportive, friendly, and welcoming team and athletics program. It may sound crazy, but I sometimes find myself looking forward to that 5:35 AM alarm, itching to get my day of swimming and learning started!

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