Tuesday, February 21, 2017

So Long Snow and Hello Students!

A change of seasons. Not quite literally, thought. We are moving out from the snowy days or winter and towards the cheerful, lively days of Admitted Students season! It was only but the other week that Fordham students geared up to trek around campus in the snowy wonderland of Fordham. Yet, the freezing temperatures did not stop Fordham students from spending hours out on Eddie's, building architecturally sound igloos that were over six feet tall and making snow angels. Personally, coming from California, I was bundled head to toe, resembling either a mummy or a yeti with my bulk and various wrappings. In fact, I finally invested in a long down winter coat, thinking that I must need it in the event that we get struck by another snow storm.

Much to my chagrin, the snow did not return. In fact, I slowly watched as it melted off the roofs of the buildings and exposed the sodden grass. So much for my use of a winter coat! Yet, with the absence of cold weather, the sun came out, giving Fordham students a hope for the spring time. With the weekend boasting temperatures in the high 60's, students took to Eddie's to lay out and throw about a frisbee, attempt to catch some meager UV rays while tanning, or simply to enjoy the warmth of this unusually warm February. It seems as if life is blossoming at Fordham, as students yearn for the spring time. 

With the weather expected to be stunning on Thursday, both students and those visiting Fordham should be in high spirits. With an outstanding turnout of over 600 students for the President's Day Open House, we are in full swing with Admitted Student Days and tours for both prospective and accepted students. Throughout the week, let alone on Friday, over 400 students will descend upon Fordham's campus to see first-hand the beauty and comradery of the #Ramily. I, as a member of RHS, could not be more excited for the start of this new "season." Getting to show around individuals interested in Fordham and share my own experience has me reminisce upon my high school experience and realize how choosing Fordham has been a truly defining moment for me that has shaped my college experience for the better. 

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