Sunday, September 8, 2013

Urge to FURJ

Research can be a really scary word—at least it was for me—especially when professors start talking about a term paper or thesis. Luckily, I got to approach research on a much more comfortable scale through the Fordham Undergraduate Research Journal (FURJ). FURJ is an interdisciplinary academic journal run by FCRH and FCLC undergraduates. We are entering our fourth year as a journal, and we’ve published articles from nearly every department on campus.

The most recent editions of FURJ.
Publishing an official journal is a lot of work, and we pull in talent from every corner of campus. We have students getting hands-on marketing and advertising experience, news writers who cover ongoing research on campus, photographers and graphic designers brightening up our pages, student reviewers who work in tandem with faculty to assess the quality of research, and man is the research fantastic! As FURJ’s chief copy editor, I get the opportunity to read the journal from cover to cover before it is published.
Some of my favorite articles include a sociological survey of gender and clothing on campus and the origins of Ghanaian rap in the Bronx. FURJ also exposes me to a wild array of other subjects, though. Without the journal, I may never have learned about nanoconjugates’ potential applications, the relationship between Japanese art and World War II, or urban planning in Midtown Manhattan. It goes without saying (although I’ll mention it anyway!) that the students FURJ attracts are just as diverse and wonderful as its contents.

One research article in Volume 3, which drew on the Japanese kawaii style displayed in Harmless Kitty (above), is
preserved at the Aomori Museum of Art in Japan in their archives for the artist, Yoshitomo Nara.
Make sure to check out the journal online, or pick a copy up in the Dean’s Office (in Keating Hall) when you visit campus.

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