Saturday, October 13, 2012

Extra, Extra: Read All About It! The Ram: A Campus Newspaper

One of the ways in which Fordham students find out about campus news is by reading one of the newspapers, The Ram.  This weekly publication features articles on campus activities, world news, Fordham sports, and things to do in New York City, amongst other things.
Students are encouraged to join the staff as writers, photographers, and copy editors.  A student’s interests determine what section he will choose to write for: news, culture, opinions, or sports.  He may report on significant campus news, review new movie releases, or discuss a recent sporting event.  Photographers working for The Ram are present at school and community events, recording these activities through their pictures, enabling a wide range of students to find out about the events they may have missed that week.  Other staff members are responsible for layouts, advertisement space, and other aspects of the newspaper.
As a freshman, I joined the staff of The Ram as a copy editor.  Every Tuesday, before the weekly publication goes to print, I spend a few hours in the office proofreading each of the articles that will be published in that week’s issue.  I have always enjoyed reading and writing (and even grammar!), and through this, I am able to do something productive with the hobbies I enjoy!
By being present in the office during this busy period, I have also been able to learn a lot about the production efforts which are necessary in order to put together each issue.  Although the publication is overseen by a faculty advisor, undergraduates are fully responsible for reporting, writing, and piecing the paper together.  The effort which goes into this process is admirable, and it is great to see students working together on this collaborative effort.
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