Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fordham's Visual Arts Study Abroad Programs

If you are a student interested in photography and is interested in studying abroad but not sure if you want to go for the whole semester, there are two short term programs. – a trip to Japan over the winter break and a trip to Italy over the summer break. These two programs are heavily focused on documentary photography; which means the photographs are focused on culture, people, architecture, and other components that create the place unique. These two classes are not only just about taking photos, but the groups will have a gallery show once they come back to Fordham.
I will be going to Japan this upcoming winter to participate in the program. I could not be more excited as I am rediscovering Japan through camera lens. I will be in Japan from the 28th of December to 15th of January as I am exploring more of Japan even after the program!

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