Thursday, October 25, 2012

New York is My Campus, Fordham is My School

One of my favorite things about attending Fordham University is the fact that you get an experience both in and out of the classroom. Being in the city gives you so much accessibility that courses do not just occur within the bounds of Fordham’s gates, but in such places as museums, conservatories, and art galleries. Just this week, I’ll be visiting a planetarium to chart stars and planets for my astronomy course: now that’s something you don’t get every day!
The city is filled to the brim with educationally rich locations, and Fordham professors certainly make sure that their students use them to their full advantage. Students who attend universities in the suburbs and countryside simply do not have these great opportunities, so it is important that we recognize just how privileged we are to have so many resources at our hands. Rather than simply looking at a Google image of a great work of art or the skeleton of a prehistoric animal, Fordham students have the ability to go in and see these things in person. Such privilege deepens our education for we do not only learn about subjects according to what the textbooks tell us: we experience them in their entirety firsthand.

Aside from the fact that the city is great because it offers such culturally rich experiences is the plus that they are both close and economically feasible! Indeed, the MoMa and Museum of Natural History (among other places) are just a three-dollar Ramvan ticket away! Even greater than such places’ proximity and accessibility are their prices, as most offer discounted if not free admission to students.
The statement “New York is my campus, Fordham is my school,” could not be any truer. With a city full of excitement and adventures at one’s fingertips, who wouldn’t be excited?

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