Wednesday, October 24, 2012


As a California kid, I was eager to engage in one of, in my opinion, the neatest East Coast autumn tradition ever: apple-picking! My philosophy class got together and took the Metro North train from the Fordham stop (just a few feet away from campus) upstate to Harvest Moon Farm and Orchards.
View of the area, from behind an apple tree
It only took a short trip north for us to be surrounded by rolling hills, wide skies, and trees decorated with fall foliage. The apple-picking commenced immediately, and we gathered all different kinds of apples: Mackintosh, Cortland, and Golden Delicious. We also took more pictures than was necessary as we wandered around the hilly orchards. After we had striped tree after tree of fruit, we strolled into the general store/carnival area of the farm. We posed behind wooden cut-outs, sampled pumpkin cheesecake, and ate freshly made apple-cinnamon donuts before picking out presents to send home: freshly-canned jam, soup mixes, fruit, pumpkins, and homemade sweets.

The general store
Apple-picking was on my New York bucket list, and I plan on going back. Not only was it a ton of fun to spend time with so many friends outside the classroom, but we also got together to make apple crisp with the fruits of our labor!
Mom's recipe tastes just as good in the Tierney kitchen!

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