Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Novice Rowing Team

Fordham Crew Boats on the Harlem River
One of Fordham’s twenty-three division I sports is rowing. Girls are recruited to Fordham’s DI rowing team from all over the world- from Europe to the South Pacific. Yet, what has added great depth and record-breaking scores to the team are the girls who join the team as walk-ons.

Fordham offers a novice rowing team for men and women, respectively. The novice team teaches men and women how to row and helps them make the transition to either a DI level for women, or a competitive club level for men. Like the women’s DI and men’s club team, the novice team requires a great time commitment; the novice team can also be found practicing on the Harlem River at 6am with the varsity teams.

The novice team is great way to meet new people, work out, and add structure to your life.  I joined the novice team my freshman year not knowing exactly what to expect. Now three years later, I am the women’s varsity 8 coxswain and captain.

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