Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Season at Bryant Park!!

Last weekend I went to Bryant Park with a couple of friends to go ice skating and get into the holiday spirit!  From Fordham Rose Hill it’s a simple Metro North straight to Grand Central and then a five-minute walk to the park (assuming you go the right way). We were all so caught up in our excitement that we just starting walking in a random direction. But we soon got back on track after a minor detour through the equally spirited shops on Fifth Ave.

It seems that everywhere you look in the city this time of year is decked to the halls with Christmas decorations. But one of my favorite places for Christmas is Bryant Park. If you do ever go to Bryant, you’ll understand right away. Because as you take one step into Bryant Park, you feel as if you rode a reindeer straight to the Winter Wonderland of the North Pole!  Before we went ice skating, we walked around the shops and saw all of the interesting items for sale. They ranged from everything between herbal teas to necklaces and “Man Cave” signs (which I was seriously considering buying for my dorm.) Along with the stores, there are also food huts. At these, you can get your chocolate fill with a Chocolate Syringe from Max Brenner’s or warm up with some delicious homemade chili.  My personal favorite is the Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili! 
Bryant Park ice rink
Now onto ice skating... this was the first time I had been ice-skating since last year, so I definitely needed to blow the dust of my skates, to say the least.  When I was stepped onto the slippery surface, I could feel my legs shaking in fright at the thought of hitting the ice face first; however, throughout our hour of skating I managed to stay on two skates the whole time! At one point I came dangerously close to falling and grabbed onto a stranger who completely understood where I was coming from. We became instantly bonded in the fight to stay alive! The second time I almost fell, I was attempting to help a kid back onto his feet.  The ice had just been zambonied, so it was even slippery than normal ice. We had just stepped back onto the ice when he wiped out right in front of me. I somehow managed to stop in time and not cut through him with my skates (that would've definitely put a damper on the night.) As I tried to pull him up, I joined him with my butt on the ice and skates in the air.  Now I was determined to help him up, but try as I might we both kept slipping. Luckily, one of  my friends was next to me and helped put him back on his feet. The kid thanked us and went right back to skating around the wonderful rink, falling every couple of circuits.   
Trying to take a picture on the ice 
After skating, we decided to look around the shops again before heading back up to Fordham. Now, it was dark and so cold that we could see our breath.  It all just added even more to magic of the Park! At this point I really felt the Christmas spirit and couldn't wait for the holiday season to really take off. As I looked around, it seemed that everyone was feeling the same way. I guess Christmas in NYC can take the biggest Bah Humbugs and turn them into jolly Christmas Elves!  However, as we left, I noticed one thing the park was missing... singing! Cause according to the philosophy of Buddy the Elf: “the best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!!” 29 days until Christmas!! 

All of us right before stepping onto the ice

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