Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fordham Football Wins Home Playoff Game!

Fordham Rams ring Victory Bell after win against Sacred Heart Pioneers
This past Saturday, November 30th, was an exciting day for Fordham Football. Fordham beat Sacred Heart at its first ever NCAA FCS Championship game on Jack Coffey Field! It was a thrilling game for both the offense and defense, with a final score of 37-27. This game completed many firsts for Fordham. It was the first time that the team has had a 12-1 winning season since the 1920s. It was also the seventh home game that Fordham has won, which is a record of most home wins in the school's history.

All of these wins have brought a renewed sense of pride in the Fordham Rams. Both students and alumni gather together before these games to tailgate and share in the school spirit, crowding the parking lot across the football field. More and more fans are attending both home and away games to cheer on their new favorite team. In fact, Fordham is playing Towson on Saturday December 7th in the second round of the playoffs. The University is providing both its students and alumni with bus transportation to attend this away game in Maryland. I, of course, hope to see the Rams continue to win and plan to come back as often as I can as an alumni. 

Here are a couple of links detailing Fordham's win over Sacred Heart: 
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