Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Traveling Rams: Study Abroad at Fordham

The fall semester at Fordham is almost over which means the end of classes, finals, winter break, and for some students, preparing to study abroad during the spring semester!  While spending time on Fordham’s campus and NYC is great, a part of the Fordham experience is the opportunity to study abroad.  Many students who decide to study abroad go during the spring semester of their junior year.  There are also options to study abroad during the fall semester and over the summer.  Being in New York there are so many opportunities, but going abroad for a semester will be an entirely new adventure!

I have always wanted to study abroad, and I went to a couple study abroad fairs held at Fordham during my sophomore year.  At the fair, I learned about different programs and options, and was able ask lots of questions.  Another resource that I used quite often was the International Study Abroad Programs (ISAP) office.  Their website lists all the programs that Fordham students have gone on in the past, different types of programs, and pictures.  I made several appointments and got to ask even more questions, and finally decided to go to Paris! Below is the link to the ISAP website:

After landing on Paris, I picked a program.  I decided to go to Paris through the Academic Programs Abroad (APA).  I was even able to get in touch with Fordham students who had gone to Paris with APA in the past and hear about their experiences.  APA will give me the opportunity to meet new students, speak French, go on trips, and take classes. I can't wait to live in Paris for a semester, and travel around Europe and meet up with other Fordham students who are also studying abroad.

After the planning process, I am getting so excited about my decision to study abroad in Paris, but I will definitely miss being at Rose Hill! I would definitely recommend looking into study abroad, using the many resources available, and seeing if it is something that will become a part of your time at Fordham!  

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