Monday, January 26, 2015

Juno Takes Fordham

A couple of days ago, word came to Fordham about the storm they've named Juno. Reports were calling for 20-36 inches of snow, and in a few hours, Fordham will find out just how much it's going to get. The weather report is calling for a 100% chance of precipitation from 10 PM to 10 AM, and everyone is anxiously waiting to find out just how much snow we'll all have to trudge through  tomorrow just to get to the cafeteria. States around us are in a state of emergency and the students have just received an emergency alert ordering all vehicles (except those for emergencies) off of the road after 11 PM.

The beginning of the blizzard
Although this sounds despondent, Fordham is actually an awesome place to be during a blizzard! You get to stay warm with all of your friends in the dorms with the promise of no classes tomorrow! Campus food services will be open on their usual schedules, thanks to our incredible dining staff who are trooping through the storm with us. There's also the option of all of the delicious take-out food around campus. Options like sushi from Umai, or penne vodka from Michaelangelo's, or even pizza from Pugsley's are all available to the students so that even if we're stuck inside, we don't have to sacrifice a great dinner (we're always sure to tip well).

A view of my dorm, O'hare Hall, from afar in the snow!
Furthermore, tomorrow we can all go out and play in the snow. Fordham is absolutely beautiful covered in snow, and there are endless outside activities to partake in. One of the Resident Assistants in my building has already scheduled a snowball fight as a program for the whole building! If, however, the snow is not for you, you can enjoy the extra day off with an Arrested Development marathon (thanks Netflix), catching up on some much-needed sleep, or doing some extra reading for your classes (if you're feeling really motivated)!

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