Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Update

Grand Central's incredible architecture
Jessica Timko
This weekend my friends and I went to Manhattan just to walk around before all the snow came.  One of my favorite things is seeing all of the buildings in the city lit up at night.  When we were in Grand Central Terminal we came across the J.P.Morgan Tournament of Champions for the Professional Squash Association! They had courts with all glass walls set up so you could see the games.  I had no idea that Grand Central hosted these kinds of events.  I love attending school in a city where you can go out without a plan and still find cool and interesting things to do.

Nice view of the Ram Van office
Gianna Rosamilia
This weekend, I spent a lot of time in the Ram Van office. Last spring, I was able to secure myself a job driving the Ram Van, and now it's a huge part of my college career. The Ram Van is an organization that provides intercampus transportation to students for a fairly low cost. It's also a really awesome student employment opportunity! On Saturday I worked my regular morning shift, and on Sunday I had driver training from 10 AM to 6 PM. On this annual training day, drivers practice airport runs, Calder Center runs, using the accessibility van, and parallel parking. Although I worked a lot and the days were long, I love my job, and the weekend was a lot of fun!

My friends and me at Columbus Circle
Anna Romagnoli
This weekend I had a friend from home (Vermont) visit and my roommate and I got to show her around the city.  It was a cold and snowy weekend so we spent some time in museums like the Jewish Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We strolled through Central Park and ended our day near Columbus Circle.  Despite the inclement weather there was still plenty to do and it was fun to play tour guide for the day!

Selfie at MoMA!
Erica Restaino
I am an RA in Loschert, which is one of the freshman Residence Halls. This Friday evening, I brought a group of my residents to the MoMA since it's free on Friday evenings. The transportation costs were covered for the residents, so they were able to enjoy a free trip into the city. I always love visiting the MoMA and my residents enjoyed it as well!

The beautiful University Church

Danielle Smith
Even though it's only the second week of the semester, this weekend was mostly spent doing homework. However, I was happy and grateful that I was able to end my weekend and begin my week by attending the 8 PM mass in the University Church. Father Florio's homily was motivating!

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