Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowed In

Although Blizzard Juno was not as huge as many Fordham students anticipated, we still got a nice, relaxing snow day out of it! There is a lot to do both at Rose Hill and in the city during a snowstorm. Last night, my friends and I trekked to Pugsley's Pizza for dinner. The pizza there is always delicious, no matter what the weather is! Then, we walked back to the dorm and watched a movie. It was a fun, relaxing break from classes!
Pugsley's Pizza!
Rose Hill students woke up this morning to a beautiful view. This campus is beautiful in every season, but it is specifically stunning in the winter. The snow looked beautiful over Eddies, and the view of Keating is unmatched. It makes the cold a bit more bearable!
Keating in the snow
A few of my friends decided to travel into the city today to make use of the break from classes. The views around the city were also beautiful. New York City is arguably the best sightseeing city in the United States, and it looks even more stunning in the snow! Although Juno wasn't the biggest blizzard NYC has ever seen, it still provided a relaxing, fun break for all Fordham students.
Central Park

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