Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Senior Spotlight: Alice Smyth

Name: Alice Smyth
Hometown: Yonkers, New York (Westchester County)
Major: Business Administration; Dual Specializations: Marketing/Communications & Media
Graduation date: May 2015 (Wow! **Cross your Fingers**)

The Taj Mahal!
Why did you choose Fordham?
I originally was auditioning for music schools hoping to major in voice performance, but then I changed my mind and thought that business was a more realistic route. I never gave Fordham University the credit it deserved because it was so close to home for me. Although during the summer going into my senior year of high school I visited Rose Hill and just felt so comfortable and at home. It was a gorgeous campus and I was laughing to myself thinking that this could be the school for me and it was only 10 minutes away from home. Fordham then gave me a decent financial aid package, I got into the business school, and I decided that commuting to Fordham would save my family a lot of money. So I chose Fordham and Fordham chose me. I’m glad it worked out this way. 

What clubs/organizations/internships have you been involved in? What has been your favorite experience?
There are definitely so many clubs/organizations/internships that I have been apart of and still there are so many more that I want to get involved with! Here are just some of the few things that I have done during my time at Fordham…
ORGANIZATIONS: New Student Orientation (Coordinator/Captain/Leader); Commuter Assistant (CA); Senior Week (Committee/Volunteer); Commuting Students Association (CSA); Campus Activities Board (CAB)
CLUBS: Fordham Women’s Choir; Intramurals (Softball, Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball; Dodgeball; Basketball); Fashion for Philanthropy; Ballroom Dance; Fordham Marketing Association; Students for Fair Trade
INTERNSHIPS: NBCUniversal: Sprout Marketing Intern; Fordham University New Student Orientation Marketing Coordinator; Fordham Sodexo Marketing Intern; Sarah Hall Productions, Inc.; The Ursuline School Advancement Office; Pentacle (DanceWorks, Inc.); Westchester County Board of Legislators
Miscellaneous: Leadership Weekend (Presenter ‘15/Attendee ‘14); Emmaus 113; Entrepreneurship & Fair Trade Service Trip – India; Study Tour – Tokyo, Japan; Study Abroad: Spring 2013 – London, England; NJSLC 2013 – (National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference); NACA 2012– (National Association for Campus Activities);
JOBS: Freelance Harpist “Angels Aren’t the Only Ones Who Play the Harp”™ 
Contact me for your next event! I can sing, play the harp, and even emcee!

What do you think is the best resource available to students on campus? 
I think that the best resource available to students on campus is Career Services. I received two of my internships thanks to the Career Services’ job and internship database. They are constantly striving to improve their services for students and alumni. I appreciate the many opportunities they provide for students, whether it is résumé help, weekly email blasts, career fairs and on-campus job interviews. In a world where it seems to be turning into who you know rather than what you know, it’s always good to have a well functioning Career Services department that is willing to help one network and connect with all the right people.

What is your favorite personal memory at Fordham? 
My favorite personal memory at Fordham was a Saturday back in either February or March 2014. I had stayed over my friend’s apartment the night before and we spent the entire Saturday doing whatever we felt like. It was a beautiful, sunny, cold day. We first ventured to the Botanical Gardens and took a nice stroll/hike/run. We decided to take the roads less traveled and trudged through the snowy paths. After our walk we worked up an appetite and decided to venture to Arthur Avenue for something to eat. We went to the Arthur Avenue Market and got these delicious sandwiches and a rice ball from Mike’s Deli; mine was the Paula Deen. Both the market and Arthur avenue was so vibrant on a Saturday with both Fordham students and visitors alike shopping, eating, and enjoying a good ole Saturday in the Bronx. Then we were heading back to Fordham when we passed Simon’s Deli, both looked at each other and agreed that a Nutella milkshake was a must! We brought all our food back to campus, sat down on the steps closest to the McGinley Student Center overlooking Eddies and Keating and all was good in the world.

Where is your favorite place to hang out at Fordham or in NYC?
My favorite place to hang out at Fordham is…Eddies! Wow! Who would’ve thought? Eddies is just the center of Fordham. Although I definitely don’t think I get to take advantage of it too much because I’m either studying or working, when I get the chance I appreciate every moment. Just sitting on the lovely green patch of grass (depending on what season) looking at Keating is one of the many things Fordham is all about. This past summer while working on New Student Orientation, I vividly remember not leaving McGinley until 12am at night. Happily enough someone had given me a free slice of pizza while I was walking out of the office. I took my pizza, all my bags and plopped myself right smack down in the middle of Eddies. The stars were out, it was quiet (except for the spraying of the sprinklers) and the lights on Keating were set just right. It is in these type of moments when I say, “Wow, I’m pretty lucky.” How often will I get to be on Fordham’s campus just relaxing on Eddie’s without a care in the world?

London and Big Ben
What are your plans/goals/aspirations for post-graduation?
My plans/goals/aspirations for post-graduation life is a good question. I want to do it all! I will be a motivational speaker and a positivity guru. I will become the next Oprah and create my own personal brand. Hopefully in a few years or so I will have my own talk show where I will get to discuss everything and anything that will motivate people in their own lives. People will talk to each other and say, “Oh did you catch that segment on Alice today?” For my show, I can then invite all my entertaining, intelligent friends who studied different subjects on as my expert in specific topics I’ll cover. It’s all about connections and networking! I will inspire people to go out and do what they love and I would love to do all this while seeing the world. Thanks to a semester study abroad trip to London and taking advantage of a study tour to Japan and a service trip to India while at Fordham, there are still so many more places in the world with so many more people I would like to meet.

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