Sunday, March 24, 2013

You know how a lot of TV shows have studio audiences? Well in New York you can be a part of that audience. Last year I saw The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, and this year I’m gearing up to see both shows again. Ticket reservations for these shows as well as for The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Saturday Night Live are free! Some you can get online, others by calling in, and for SNL you can win tickets in a lottery or stand in line for a particular show to catch your favorite celebrity or band.

The theatres and studios are all easy to get to by subway and Ram Van, and most are located near Times Square. After picking up Daily Show tickets, my friends and I ate lunch by the pier and watched people sunbathe by the Intrepid. The Colbert Report is close by.

The Space Shuttle Enterprise and the U.S.S. Intrepid have been repaired after damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.
SNL films in Rockefeller Center (of 30 Rock fame), and if you are lucky enough to get tickets, you can see either the dress rehearsal show or the live show. The dress rehearsal has jokes and sketches that never make it on air! Sometimes afterward, if you wait long enough, you and meet the cast, musical guest, and host leaving the studio.

 Rockefeller Center, besides playing home to SNL and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, has a shopping concourse, subway stop, art tour, NBC store, and offers trips to the "Top of the Rock," which gives a great view of Manhattan.

If you aren’t lucky enough to get tickets to any of the shows, most offer stand-by lines in case ticketed guests don’t show up. If you plan on being in New York (and you should plan on it, so you can visit Fordham), then you should try and catch a TV show, too.

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