Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Breakfast Sandwich Tour of the Bronx

This semester my friends and I decided to try all the local breakfast places around Fordham’s campus. Every Sunday morning we wake up to get breakfast (probably around the time most adults eat lunch) and head out to a new deli or café on or around Fordham Road. 

Our first stop was Campus Deli on Fordham Road. We were greeted by the two employees of the deli who were very excited for us to try their new, healthy turkey bacon. After free samples we each ordered our breakfast sandwiches varying from eggs and avocado to eggs, bacon and cheese.

The next Sunday, we trekked out to Pete’s Café, also on Fordham Road.  This restaurant has sit down service and a hometown-diner feel.  With a few orders of French toast and some scrambled eggs the meal lasted almost two hours as we enjoyed the waiter service and cheap, but excellent food selections.  

The following week we walked slightly further from campus to Arthur Avenue to try out Simon’s Deli, with the multiple sandwich options I could have easily chosen to eat lunch instead. But, sticking with the theme of our Sunday mornings, I got another breakfast sandwich, sausage, egg and cheese. Simon’s has limited seating options, but nonetheless tables to enjoy your meal.

The final deli we tried is rightfully named The Best Deli. It has a smaller menu than Simon’s and no place to sit and eat, but the quality of the breakfast sandwich and the speed and price provides more positives than negatives.

Now, every Sunday morning we decide between our two favorites, Best and Simon’s. Both offer cheap, but good breakfast sandwiches and a nice kick start to our weeks with quality food and good friends. 

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