Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hail Men of Fordham Hail!!!

6-0!!!!! The Fordham Rams are now 6-0 after their Family Weekend win Saturday versus the now 4-1 Lehigh!!!  With the win, we are now #9 in the FCS rankings and #1 in the Patriot League! This is the best start in Rams history since 1988. To put that in prospective, in 1988 the Soviet Union was still in power and Microsoft just released Windows 2.1. Quite a bit has happened since then. And next week the Rams of the gridiron will try to increase it to 7-0 with a win against fellow Jesuit and Patriot Leaguer, Georgetown. This hasn’t happened since 1930. Do I really need to say anything about the history of that? Didn’t think so. But, in 1930, Vince Lombardi was still in high school. Yup, the Fordham great, member of Fordham’s Seven Blocks of Granite, future NFL Hall of Famer, and the namesake of the Super Bowl trophy wasn’t even enrolled at Fordham yet. Even Lombardi couldn’t help the Rams to a 7-0 start. So, this is a very exciting season for everyone at Fordham, to say the least!! Games are so popular that only $5 standing room tickets are available to the general public.

Ramsey cheering on the crowd
WR Sam Ajala pumping up the fans
Sold out stadium

At this past game on Saturday, I was able to go onto the field and take pictures for our newspaper, The Fordham Ram. While on the field, I could sense the excitement everywhere; from the players, students, alumni, and our president, Fr. McShane. After each touchdown, even Fr. McShane was contributing to the cheerleader’s push-up celebration. We are all extremely excited about the next games and are sure to wear our “Ram Fan” shirts, sport our “Game On Fordham” signs, and “sing our battle song ‘till we do or die!!!”

Fr. McShane counting the cheerleader's push-ups
The football team running off the field after their 52-34 win
Sideline note: there is also a Buzzfeed about this great and historical season here.

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