Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's Christmas Time in the City

Halfway through December, Fordham is preparing for Christmas. The campus is decorated with lights, wreaths, nativity scenes, and even a nice fluffy layer of snow now! Walking around my dorm, I hear Christmas tunes playing in almost every hall, and many students have decorated their rooms for Christmas. My dorm even had a screening of Elf to get us into the Christmas spirit. Most appreciated, however, was the tin of fantastic cookies that my RA gave to everyone in my hall! Everywhere I walk, I see and hear that Christmas is on its way.

This nativity scene greets Fordham's guests at the main entrance!
While we have had a couple of light snow dustings already, today was the first real snowfall of the year. When I went to my accounting final this morning, it was just starting to snow, but when I walked outside after my final, I saw that the campus was covered in snow. Since I knew that once I got back to my dorm, I would not want to go outside again, I decided to walk over to Cosi to get a lunch that would warm me up. Although I was cold on my walk over to Cosi, it was well worth the walk because I got some hot tomato basil soup and a sandwich, which quickly warmed me up.

The first real snowfall!
While I can't wait for finals to be done so that I can go home and relax until next semester, New York City is an exciting place to be during the Christmas season since there are so many things to do. A few weeks ago, I went with some friends to see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular. We didn't even have to pay to see the show because we got free tickets through our dorm! Tomorrow, I am going ice skating in Bryant Park. I specifically brought my ice skates this year just so that I could go ice skating before Christmas!

We went to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall!
With one more final left, I am ready to be done with this semester, but I will also be sad to go because the Christmas season is my favorite time to be at Fordham. I love how festive the campus becomes, and I love all of the fun things there are to do in the city. Being here makes me appreciate the song "Silver Bells," and what Christmas time in the city means. Having experienced it at Fordham, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

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